The Lazy Man's Load: Part Deux (The Knocks, Rick Ross, The 1975 and much more)

8/29/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I was going to call this post "August Rush" but not even I could bring myself to type a pun that corny (jk, let's face it, OLIVE my puns are just as CORN-KNEE). But, nevertheless, so the ppl who just scroll over the post titles and don't read them (hatechu) don't have to suffer my terrible puns, i settled on "Lazy Man's Load Part Deux"... not the most creative title, but hey, neither was "Rio2" and that film was AWESOME-- uh, i mean, i didn't see it cause it was rated G and I am a grown adult person. ANYWAYZ, here's some good tunes that I'm too lazy to write about (sry, gotta save my energy for LDW with my homegirls, i'm gonna have to do a lot of grueling tasks like sipping wine and smoking bowls.)

EVVY- Got Me Movin': this song HAS got me movin'! It's like EVVY has ESPN or something.

Ed Sheeran- Don't (Remix) ft. Rick Ross: FYEAH. Srsly give me a lil ricky ross throwback any day of the week. (but also, ew, Ed Sheeran. but please try to look past him and his perpetual sunburn, the song's decent)

Danielle Andrade- Billy Jean (Naxsy Remix): some random person took some other random person's cover of a not so random song and brought it randomly from 80's pop to chillwave, indie. Isn't that so totally random?

Lana Del Rey- West Coast (MANTU Remix): Listen to the song because it is good. (That way my Ron Swanson impression). But actually, i refuse to rave about this song solely because MANTU decides to write his name \\\ΔИ⊇, and i have a major problem with how moronic that is. LITCHRULLY, if I were to say that accurately, his DJ name is "slash-slash-slash delta Russian-N cross-symbol is-a-super-subset-of" and srsly FUCK that.

The 1975- Sex (Ryan Hemsworth Remix): def brings the original out of the Bait Shop circa 2005 and brings it into 2014.

The Knocks- Classic (ft. Power): gr00vy babyyyyy (Austin Powers and Ron Swanson impression all in one post!)

Bondax- All I See: Clean-Bandit-wannabe (wannabe being the key word in that phrase) Still good tropical, upbeat vibes doe.

Nick Kech- The Moment (ft. Madilyn Bailey)- IDK how Nick Kech get's credit for this track when it is clearly Macklemore's words and Bailey's voice but i guess dat's just what music has come to in 2k14. 


Les Loups- Colorblind (ft. Sybil): starts off slow, but the chorus is undeniable. Also IDK why their album cover is a brazilian Stormtrooper, but artistic expression i guess.

Tep No- Missing Winter: idk if this song is about missing the season or McKenzie Foster's dog, but otherwise, a quality chill track.

Jose Gonzalez- Stay Alive (JLNLDN Remix): Reminds me of last summer's "Congo" by Bear Mountain and I love the the half-beach-half-jungle vibes. Also the singer sounds so much like the lead singer of "Two Door Cinema Club" it's really uncanny.

In the words of a certain looney toon (not to be confused a looney tune, which is what we provide to you), THAT'S ALL FOLKS! enjoy ur LDW.