Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj- Bang Bang

8/18/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I can only IMAGINE the diva-fueled agruments that happened to result in all three of these ladies getting full credit for this track (Nicki will not stand for a mere feature credit! What is this? 2011?) I don't even need to listen to this song to know it'll be big. The name recognition of the 3 powerhoueses alone have a platinum record locked up for "Bang Bang" already.
This track isn't you're normal pop-py girl anthem. This track has the Dreamgirls soul and a James-Brown-style-rock'n'roll feel, plus the Hercules-esque harmonies KILL it (and that's the gospel truth, y'all!). And of course, since it's the 2010s, why not throw my homegirl Nicki Minaj in there for a verse? The witty rapper comes up with some of her most ingenious rhymes, my favorite being: "i said band bang/ bang bangbang bang/ bang bang bang/ bang bangbang ban:. Truly inspiration Nikitaaa