Josef Salvat - Shoot and Run and much more...

8/20/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Besides impeccable taste in hand-me-down sweaters and a talent for come hither stares, Josef Salvat has an amazing ear for haunting production, captivating lyrics, and vocal delivery. He's got a knack for subtlety and still rewards listeners with bellowing choruses and explosive instrumentals. His stuff is definitely not for those seeking the next girl jam or club banger, but he does deliver some immensely satisfying atmospheric tuneage. 

I originally intended to post only about Salvat's newest creation "Shoot and Run;" however, a quick search revealed that T4L has been woefully remiss in publicizing our aussie friend (aside from our coverage of Every Night). Ergo, I have taken the liberty of providing several of my favorites below...

Shoot and Run- Jo did you intend this for the Divergent Soundtrack? Not but really. It's like weirdly applicable (see: girls, guns, running from people, and bass synths of epic proportions).

This Life- First Single. Original Fave. 

Hustler- Very James Blake-esque. A simply beautiful track that definitely builds. The SaneBeats remix hooks you at the onset but levels off quickly. Both are worth a listen.

Every Night (Vimes Remix) - In the wake of our previous post, Vimes produced a bomb electro-pop take on Salvat's indie track. If the original was a cookie, the remix = like a thousand pixie stix. A weird, but apt comparison. Go with it.