Joywave - Tongues (ft. KOPPS)

8/07/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This song is SO familiar, and I cannot figure out where I heard it before. So sry if it was in a Mazda commercial or the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and I’m like sooooOo out of the loop. Joywave has been around for awhile without success, so I’m attributing the catchiness of this tune to KOPPS. The electro-marching band beat thing in the beginning/scattered throughout is DELIGHTFUL! Makes me wanna attend a Bring It On themed rave. The vocals themselves are pretty dec. Kind of peppier /less Portlandia sounding Death Cab (no I don’t know what I mean by this but it’s my blog bitches!! And free speech n shit). OMG and they’re from ROCHO! Which means if they have weathered Blair Witch status winters, they deserve a little free publicity. "How Do You Feel" EP out now.