Kwabs - Walk

8/20/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Kwabena Sarkodee Adjepong AKA Kwabs hails from Ghana by way of the UK where he studied at the Royal Academy of Music #casual. So duh, it's no surprise that he won over audiences with his debut EP Wrong or Right, which surfaced back in February. Since, he has solidified himself as a "synth&B" powerhouse with the potential to blow up. Move over, James Blake (jk retrograde is perfection, despite it's now creepy association with the sudden departure and mute, chain smoking, alabaster cult-goers.)**

With the release of "Walk," the single off of his upcoming album out Sept. 29, Kwabs has us at his mercy. Tbh, I feel like this song belongs on the soundtrack to 8 mile or Save the Last Dance or that insipid Karate Kid remake starring Will Smith, Jr. - basically any movie in which the hero broods alone in a hooded sweatsuit preparing for some sort of dance/rap battle. So props 2 u, Kwabs! May you someday be known by Beliebers and 1D groupies everywhere! 

Just one question, does his stage name not teeter uncomfortably close to a toddler with a speech impediment trying to pronounce a certain venereal disease? Food for thought. 

**Reference to the most epic scene in The Leftovers. If this is unintelligible to you, be happy that you have not wasted countless Sunday evenings on this nonsensical clusterfuck of a television show.