Lily Allen - Sheezus (Nebbra Remix)

8/07/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Lily Allen has been giving no fucks for basically an eternity. And I love her not even because of her music, but because she will talk shit about everyone. In the fake world of ***demure****** Swiftys and “can-she-b-President-already” B’s (I swear to god she keeps Jay and Blue IV locked in the basement with the rest of Destiny’s Child. HAS ANYONE EVEN SEEN KELLY ROWLAND SINCE 2007), this is pretty entertaining and refreshing. In “Sheezus,” Lily spares no one, calling out all current players including:

Lady GAGA: Right on Lallen. LGG is honestly a sad joke and deserves ridicule. If you’re going to be stupid and pretend you’re the pope at least come out with some good music. Applause is no Bad Romance Steffi!

Katy P: we learn from this song she would def lose in a fight with Riri. Which means KP u should run and hide if Chris Brown even enters ur FB feed*****

…Lorde? Sry I didn’t know u were relevant.

Come for the insults, stay for the tunes. <3 u Sheezus. Oh also this is a remix. Idk what the real one sounds like.

**** Do celebrities have facebook??? If they do, do they make FB events like VMAs afterparty or Party @ Kid Rocks haus? IMAGINE. Would the Biebs even get invites to these things?!