Mapei - Believe

8/21/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

I don't think there's a twenty-something soul out there that hasn't been mainlining Mapei's first single "Don't Wait" since it dropped last October. I actually know this for a fact since my collegiate a capella group wanted to cover it. Considering that past song suggestions have included Selena Gomez's "A Year Without Rain" (unironically, I promise), this signifies that "Don't Wait" has undeniably crossed over from obscure blogosphere hit to mainstream gold. 

Her newest effort "Believe," while I admit is not quite as pee-your-pants obsession worthy as her first single, has some serious potential. It possesses the same grunge, hip-hop undertones and remains refreshingly simple. Album "Hey Hey" (um hi?) out Sept. 23. AND she's opening for her fellow swede and former BK rewmie (true story according to wikipedia) Lykke Li on a US tour that kicks off this fall. "Don't Wait" to purchase tix! (lawl...its been a long day -_____-)