Mike Mago & Dragonette - Outlines

8/22/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I swear to God Dragonette could have provided the entire soundtrack to DDR.*** Or rather, that thing you used to do for fun before you discovered alcohol. Remember that song I JUST CAME TO SAY HELLO. U def could have stomped around your living room on Friday night to that. Well, Dragonette has been exhumed from their techno tomb with a new jam. This time, they have partnered with Mike Mago on melancholy pop gem “Outlines.” Since it was concocted in some Swedish producer’s lair, it’s obviously catchy. Let’s just say its spirit animal is Sweet Tarts. Additional things of note, Dragonette sounds exactly like someone I can’t place on this song. It’s kind of Robyn-y? Ugh the mystery is angering me. If u know, plz comment. Or comment anything at all because it would be fun to have a comment. Also, the phrase, “I wanna get with you” needs to die. Every time I hear it, I can only picture Akon, and I would prefer him to remain in my pink mini Ipod/2006 memories. Tender love ballad “I Wanna Fuck You” had its time in the sun friends. Lastly, Mike Mago, aside from some wompy noises, I can’t really identify your contribution. But maybe u wrote the whole thing so you remain in my good graces.

**** For our friends who weren’t cool in middle school, DDR = Dance Dance Revolution