8/07/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Only Girl (in theWorld) is unsigned, so I’m unsure if her stage name is a working title, or if she is paying the ultimate homage to Riri. It also reminds me of an angsty teen’s myspace account. Regardless, it’s pretty weird. Thankfully, her music is excellent and British (basically synonyms). Her voice is pretty. She sounds like a soulful and less annoying Mandy Moore. The production is kinda rachet sounding, but she prob recorded it on her comp in the garage so I’m not going to throw a bitch fit. Her lyrics, however, alarm me to my core. “Oh life / Has Taken its toll on me” This bitch is 27. What horrors await me in the next 5 years!!!?  Ellen Murphy**, has your metabolism crumbled? Have you been taken off your parents health insurance? Has your very soul eroded during your 2 hour daily commute? (OH WAIT THAT’S ME) Then she says, “You could be / My Only Hope/ Love Is All I Need.” Which is putting a lot of pressure on Ellen Murphy’s possible tinder matches. You were warned boys. U NEED TO MAKE YOUR OWN FUN, ONLY GIRL. I believe in U <3

** Only Girl’s Muggle Name