Robby Hunter Band- Bull Ride

8/29/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Robby Hunter Band seems to appear from nowhere (appearing out of the caverns of SoundCloud) once a year in late August to give us an undeniable summer jam. In 2k13 it was their catchy "Hard On Me" and he continues the trend this year with "Bull Ride"--surprisingly (NAWT) a metaphor about things getting rough. He repeats the analogy over and over "it's just a bull ride/ it's out of control/ it's just a bull ride/ it's out of control/ it's out of control/ it's out of controllllxslfm......." (sry, fell asleep typing that, he's so redundant). Like we get it, we don't need the repetition, it's not a very deep metaphor to comprehend (take a class on the Aeneid and then talk to me about subtle, deep metaphoric shit). As simplistic as the lyrics are, the song is UBER complicated, ranging the entire realm of indie-pop from strumming acoustic accompaniment to electric licks to synth to a background piano that occasionally sounds like I'm turning on my game boy advanced. Srsly, the last half of the song jumps the wide-spanning indie genre so much it's like an ADHD kid whose eaten his weight in sugar. But that's also why it ROCKS.