Route 94 - My Love (Prince Fox Remix)

8/21/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Prince Fox** is still riding the wave of massive success from his remix of Stay With Me (endorsed but not blogged by yours truly bc that song needs not a single shred more of publicity. sry sam, i luv u dearly) and he's demonstrated that it was not a fluke with this edit of 90s inspired club jam "My Love". Taking a page out of Flume's book, the highlight of this track comes at 0:55 and 2:02 with a deconstructed and heavily synthesized drop. Thx ur highness. Reminder that the vocals are by none other than Jess Glynne (no worries, she sounds less tranny-like on the original). You may remember her from Rather Be (omggg I KNOW that song is UR JAM). Welp, this is no Rather Be but I sure like boppin around to it. (suggested pairing: a j and joy ride)

** Could be a nod to the classic Le Petit Prince or mayb just a dude who is equal parts lame and narcissistic. Either way, your music isn't bad so that's somethin.