Sam Sure - Hunger

8/29/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I can't decide if I want to take this song seriously or not. I know this statement doesn't scream "omg what a glowing review from T4L! I must hear this new artist immediately!" but bear with me, and please listen to Sam Sure's new tune. Then tell me if I should abandon him or follow him on Soundcloud. I will also jump off a bridge if you say so. Sry Mom. What "Hunger" has going for itself is this: it is a melancholy electro-pop ditty, complete with chipmunk vocals as backup singers. (I want to note this also creates a visual for me of Alvin& co like standing behind a large British man makin jokes and hangin out, which is obviously a huge plus) There are some things I also don't care for. "Text" should never appear in music lyrics. I know that's nitpicky and maybe dumb but if we don't draw the line somewhere, next thing u know Ariana Grande will be like lalalaaaa u screenshot my Snapchat nudie pics h8 u foreverrrrrr. That's the minor thing. The major issue I am having with in this song is this man's accent. 1. It reminds me of the ginger troll known as Ed Sheeran. 2. He sounds like Rebel Wilson in Bridesmaids. Exhibit A: he sings "think" as FINK, and I cannot take him seriously. So there you have it. Maybe that's discriminatory, but Adele talks like that and doesn't sing that way. And if she did, pretty sure they would not have let her sing Skyfall. VIS IS THE ENDDDDDDDD. Yeah. So Sam Sure if you want my musical and not comedic support plz talk to her and get some tips. K bye.