Say Lou Lou- Instant Crush (Daft Punk Cover)

8/28/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Say Lou Lou has returned and they seem to have come straight from the photoshoot for Fleetwood Mac's Rumors album cover. Through MUCH social media promotion (they tweeted the cover 4 times its first day online... not rly playing hard 2 get r they?), Say Lou Lou has spread the word far and wide about tackling one of the top 3 songs off of Daft Punk's stellar 2013 album. The twin-sister-duo takes Daft Punk's heavily electronic, robotic track and transforms it into a dark, ghostly fempop tune. Say Lou Lou claim their talent comes from the fact that they hail from "two different indie-pop meccas" since their mother is Swedish and their father is Australian, however calling Australia an indie-pop MECCA seems extreme (at its inception it is merely where a real indie-pop mecca sent it's degenerates). But, w/e cause descended from this sesspool of prisoners plagued by generations of poor dental hygiene comes these two twins, queens of everything dream pop and 1960's-inspired hipster (aka half hippie half mod). This track is definitely more mellowed out than most of T4L's jiv-ey finds, but just like you need some tracks to drink and roll too, you also need those tracks to relax to while experiencing that xanax-or-edibles-induced chill sesh. Here at T4L we try to cater to all your drug-ly states. Consideration at it's finest.