Tennis - I'm Callin

8/21/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Hearing new Tennis music at the conclusion of summer is pretty depressing. It’s like being taunted with warm weather and margs seconds before being PLUNGED INTO WINTERY DARKNESS. But I guess we can use it to pretend the sun won’t soon set at 3 pm. Because it’s good, people. This girl’s voice is delightful, and I am thankful that so far it hasn’t been ruined by appearing in Target commercials. Or like , the stupid feel of cotton ones. They seem well suited for one another. “I’m Callin” is also delivering a poppier sound than we normally get from Tennis. In fact, the entire song is pretty different. All of a sudden they have slow-jam disco vibes goin on. It’s like the preppy Lacoste wearing girl u knew had  secret love affair and subsequent bb with the famous chocolate hip-hop artist visiting town on tour. (No comment on what her parents thought)*** New album Ritual out this month.