The Hood Internet - Sock It 2 Summer (Missy Elliott vs. Blood Cultures)

8/21/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This song really should have been blogged back in June, but ya know better late than nevr. Been busy doin pretty much nothing and thinking about studying for the LSAT #postgradlyfe. Alas, I keep expecting to be over The Hood Internet, cause lesbihonest, mashups are sewww 2010. And yet, they just keep coming back with blog-worthy tunes. As indicated by the title, "Sock It 2 Summer" is your ideal seasonal number, equipped with ocean sounds and all. I am particularly in favor of the breezy addition from Blood Cultures, which knocks down the intensity of Missy's cumngetit nympho lyrics just a smidge. To give you a preview, Ms. Elliott claims "my hormones jumpin like a disco, I be poppin 'ish like some crisco." To be honest, that really just makes me think of frying chicken, but I am uncomfy with her word choice nonetheless. Kneewayss, happy dogs days friends.