The Lazy Man's Load: A Summer Recap (Disclosure, Foster The People, Sylvan Esso, and beyond)

8/22/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

SPOILER ALERT: FREE DOWNLOADS. Good news T4L subscribers! If you continue reading you will be rewarded (hint: the following is to music lovers as a giant pile of blow is to Kate Moss... i.e. u will feel happy and mayb not very hungry for several hours). I kid I kid, but basically the summer is almost over and we've been lazy at dispensing optimal tunes for all loons. Thus, below you will find a list of solid summer jams that we "forgot" to post along the way (aka we were probably fb stalking old college albums, googling ALS, or wondering what the HELL is happening in Missouri, probably all the above). Granted, it is likely that these will all be old news 2 u hip youngsters, but on the off chance that you possess virgin ears, then scroll on! AND you can download all of the below FO FREE on soundcloud/facebook, FTW.

Best Friend (Jai Wolf x AObeats Remix) - Held the premier spot on my running playlist for a while. Embarrassingly, I find a good build and drop sequence particularly motivating. However, I have been told that I have questionable taste in running music so I guess I'm weird, idk. 

Circles - I run 2 this as well. Includes snapping, a decent drop, and an infectious chorus. 

Help Me Lose My Mind - If you enjoy Flume, you will love this. See previous comments about preferred running music. 

Collide - Catchy, sunshiney. Won't change your life, but will probs change your mood.  

Need Ya - Somehow manages to incorporate cheering children and many, many "woo hoos" successfully. Idk how to explain, but u will not b sorry. 


Summer Spliffs - An instrumental little ditty. Ideal for kickin it and/or tokin it (er duh). 

Hey Mami (Big Wild Remix) - An improvement on the original. Complete with fuller sound and satisfying mini-drop (@ 0:50) featuring a jazzy lil whistle loop.