Tinashe - Pretend (ft. A$AP Rocky)

8/25/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Attention: Tinashe has (temporarily) hung up the stripper tunes in favor of Jhene Aiko-esque love ballads. This announcement should be taken with a grain of salt. When I say ‘love ballad,’ I mean Tinashe sings of ignoring the past crimes of her lover in order to bang him without guilt. Ahhhh luvvv. In this new endeavor, she has partnered with literally my favorite rapper in the game, ASAP Rocky. While I like him partially because he is smoking hot, I also appreciate his songs, specifically 1 Train, Goldie, and Fashion Killa. Also have you seen the music video where he pretends he’s JFK and Lana Del Rey is Jackie? You should. It’s mainly retarded but I could not look away because ASAP is wearing the clothes of my grandfather. Anyways, going back to “Pretend,” I appreciate both the laid back production and vocals of this track. It’s refreshing to hear calmer vibes from hip hop every once in a while. Although I strongly object to some of these lyrics. Exhibit A: “Let’s pretend it’s my first time/ So you can really blow my mind”. This statement is all kinds of fiction. Tinashe, while I’m sure your mind was def “blown” during ur first time (which, given the sexual nature of ur songs, was probably age 12), pretty much none of us can relate to you. Still, this song receives an A+ from me.