VERITE- The Weekend

8/27/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

VERITE is continuing to blow up, and she's stepped up her lyrical game just like T4L asked! (sure, there's still some cliche, fempop shit in there, but it wouldn't be as dumbly catchy without the PG-13 lyrics). She brings her ghostly-perfect vocals and combines some rul nice Ryn Weaver-style harmonies with a catchy, Robyn-esque backbeat and funk. Sure the beginning starts off a little slow, but the combo of the groovy guitar with the hint of vocal distortion at the chorus is stellar. Plus VERITE (will we ever know ur name, doe?! The anonymity and mysteriousness is become less and less intriguing and more and more just fucking annoying), has stepped up and showed us her true popstar potential in this track. It's WAY more upbeat than her usual stuff which possesses a certain Dakota-Fanning-level of eeriness (idk entirely what that reference means, but the assessment just seems right. I mean just look! She just kind of naturally makes your skin crawl a bit, no?).