Years & Years - Take Shelter

8/06/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Years & Years are some teeny-boppers from London. I infer this from the "Est. 2010" tag on their FB account. And the fact that every post they publish has emogis in it. In spite of their fondness for the #blessed emogi (which is soOOoo 6 months ago duh), these 3 amigos have historically made pretty good tunes. See last year's absolute gem "Real." New track "Take Shelter" is islandy pop perfection. I am having trouble identifying what is so arresting about it. I think it's the boy bandy vocals. They are kind of androgynous (WOW try spelling that without spell check), which is because maybe none of them can grow a mustache yet. Specifically I am being reminded of N*Sync. And also, dare I say it.....the Biebs. Don't be fooled by the "cool" British production, these people are straight boy band. And it's amazing. Also shoutout to the applicable lyrics. "Just tell me what I have to do / To keep myself away from you" is literally me speaking to the min-Dove bars in my fridge.