Zella Day- East of Eden (Carousel Remix)

8/11/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Zella Day (yes that is her actual name, not the name of some nick jr. half-flower-half-human character) is one of those too-trendy-to-handle L.A. chicks who has killer pipes and chill vibes (see Ryn Weaver, all member of HAIM, BANKS, any girl who headlines a band whose name has no vowels and all uppercase letters, etc, etc). The opening sunshine-synth is super reminiscent of St. Lucia's Closer Than This, which is never a bad song to have similarities with. Although the lyrics are a little confusing (have you lost your copy of Steinbeck's 1952 classic, East of Eden, or are you using the phrase as a some lame metaphor for enlightenment?), Day's vocals reach effortless perfection and the chorus is über catchy. Pair this with Carousel's laid-back sunny-chill synth additions and you got a song to listen to while you unwind from the week by getting drunk on fruity cocktails and instagramming lakeside summer sunsets.