Shannon Saunders - Sheets

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I feel as if this girl time traveled from the 2005 Grey's Anatomy soundtrack. This song is practically Cosy in the Rocket 2.0. BAM Psapp reference. If you don't know what that is, ur missing out on some pretty amazing television. Shonda 4 prez. However, Shannon Saunders was born in the UK in 1994, so unless she was a realllllllyyy hip international-Tv-watching tween, the similarities are coincidence. Regardless, her housey / electro / Apple commercial in training song "Sheets" is super vibey and worth a listen. She has vocals that are kind of easy to assume are weird and bJork-y, but they are actually really good and probably not very easy to sing. Like yodeling. That shit is hard. Lyrical commentary: I am concerned about Shannon Saunders' self esteem. At one part, she sings "Am I worthy of my lover? / Because he doesn't love me" Hey lady, U ARE WORTHY!!! Emma Watson supports u! I support u! Unless I find out u set his bed on fire and then I'm abandoning my defense of u.

P.s. Plz upload some pictures of yourself that don't make me want to say Bless u

Jaymes Young - What Should I Do

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Jaymes Young is similar to another young hipster man we have been blogging, Josef Salvat. Both possess sultry voices, dark production, and dumb spellings of otherwise normal names. Additionally, both have been upping their catchy pop game. Perhaps they decided eating was better than being universally loved by other starving hipsters. Sry that was angsty. Monday is no ones friend. So what I'm trying to say is that I like this song a lot because it has a chorus. That is not to say it's a sunny slice of pop. Based off these lyrics, I would probably not recommend dating Jaymes Young. I mean the deep v-Neck was strikes 1,2,&3 for me but, if you're into that, u should def run after hearing him sing about his lady friend*** leaving him. Exhibit A: "If I wake up and your gone what Should I do ? / I'll lose my head / I'll make the news"  I mean... that's pretty ambiguously frightening. Young Ja(Y)mes, what would you do that would be newsworthy !? Well, threats range from burning down the house to driving his car off the Golden Gate Bridge. And now pretty much all I can think about is Eminem's Stan. And we know that didnt end well. Maybe I'll go listen to some Dido. brb.

***or man friend ! #deepvneck

Weekend Recap (RAC, Kendrick and, coincidentally, WKND)

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Basically I'm too lazy on this dreary Monday morning to muster up enough sass and commentary for separate posts so you get this hot mess combination of random songs and thoughts. Here's the weekend's top 3 ditties you might have missed while you were black out drunk:

ODESZA- Say My Name (RAC Remix): The remix contest is over and the winner is, unsurprisingly, RAC. This just seems like a match made in heaven. Both ODESZA and RAC are so popular right now, this combo is basically just like the football captain dating the head cheerleader. RAC highlights the vocals and does their usual tune-up, producing another infectious jam.

Kendrick Lamar- I: Kendrick is back and he wants to let YOU know that he is so self-conscious that he had to write a whole song convincing himself that he loves himself. Or he's just a self-obsessed douchebag. Either way you produce amazing stuff, so u do u kendrick.


Chet Faker x WKND- Lover: unsubtly switching from rap to indie, we have the flawless Chet Faker (sry, can I not use that adjective? Is that description legally owned by Beyonce? Prolly). This song was probably the most pleasant surprise from the weekend (and Germany's WKND, god that pun never gets old) so be sure to check it out. And who doesn't love some steel drum action??

Ben Howard- Hideaway (Kiesza Cover)

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Gonna be honest, I never really 'got' Ben Howard. Like sure, Old Pine is good, and yeah his voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus, but I still thought he kind of blended in with all the flannel-wearing guys who gets too intimate with the mic while performing. And I thought all the girls who said "I looooooove Ben Howard more than I will love my first born child" (you've never heard someone say that? weird.) were cliche. But UGH, with this cover, Ben Howard just made me fall in love with him, goddamnit!! However if loving Howard's Hideaway makes me one of those cliches then i don't give a fuck cause this cover is AAAAAAAAMAZING (I always say amazing, but this is next level shit so I added the extra annoying a's for embellishment). Howard brings the Kiesza electronic rave-heads and the Ben Howard stoner crowd together with this effortlessly chill track. The vocals never falter once and he's singing it LIVE. Really the only thing I want to use to describe this track is about 20 "hands clapping" emojis in a row. However, even though this is fucking 2014, for some reason, we can't access those loveable iMessage emojis on a computer keyboard. Fucked up, but that's the non-progressive society we live in i guess. What is Congress up to if not dealing with the emoji-deficit plaguing the US and its international allies??

ZHU- Gun (CHVRCHES cover)

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Oh ZHU. I am officially over your anonymity that has annoyed me so in the past, mostly because you produce hit after hit and I'm tired of redundantly complaining to you loons about this elusive phenom. I am more confused now with the fact that his favorite band is CHVRCHES.... r u a 19 yr old girl, ZHU? Don't get me wrong, CHVRCHES rocks, but it's uber girly. Nevertheless, T4L isn't judgmental, so I'll look past this fact (jk, T4L is like the most judgemental music blog i know #sryimnotsry). The original song from CHVRCHES is already golden, but ZHU's chill house cover ups the track's precious metal game to platinum. The funky and constant electric guitar in the background is an amazing addition and although the overall vibes of this track are chill and laidback, the production just begs you to get up and groove along. I am missing the bridge from the original**, but i really can't be picky because if I tried to remix a song I would probably end up with a broken computer and a track identical to the original, yet somehow still more shitty.

**my only other qualm with the track is that it clears up the misheard lyric from the original. I thought it was " You stuck in the knife that you held at my BUTT" and i always giggled like a 12-yr-old boy. But alas, CHVRCHES is cliche and say "back" instead of "butt". Thx for the clarification ZHU, but now the humor is unfortunately gone.

Logic- Under Pressure (prod. by Logic)

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You may be listening to this track and whine "Bridget! You used the wrong photo for this article! You used a photo of your friend Justin Bellucci, not Logic the rapper. Logic sounds wayyyyy more thug than the guy in that picture." To which I would first respond with a "fuck you, I'm NEVER wrong" (just ask my bf) and then inform you that this vanilla mo-fo IS the guy you hearing rapping. And he has a surprising amount of flow and rhythm for a̶ ̶w̶h̶i̶t̶e̶ ̶g̶u̶y̶  someone I've never heard of. The sampling sounds like a combination of a geisha and a chipmunk but it works and the track is pretty good for a guy based out of Maryland of all places. The production value is also surprisingly high for a nobody, but the end is rul shitty with Logic just fading out as if his rap were an Oscar speech gone long. But overall he created a rap song catchy enough for me to post, and that's an accomplishment it itself, so JWD**, Logic.

**job well done, le duh 


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ODESZA has electronic music-lovers eating out of the palms of their hands. They could produce a track entirely out of infant colic cries and the sounds from an Applebee's kitchen and internet bloggers around the world would call it a masterpiece. But credit where credit is due, ODESZA has all these hipsters worshiping them for a reason, and not just because they are fashioning the classic hipster wardrobe of fully-buttoned chambray and American Apparel hoodies (don't feel special that you have the same one, we literally ALL do... and yet it's still hipster? #hypocritical #hipsterISmainstream). ODESZA completes the hard feat of making experimental electronic music more appealing to the masses. Every single thing they create literally sounds effortless and it's hard to make electronic music feel organic but that's what this Seattle duo** does. Sure the Alice-In-Wonderland randomness that is the beginning is almost insufferable, but don't hit that next button! I was so close to saying "fuck it" and succumbing to my ADD too but wait it out til at least the 1:15 mark and you'll be in aural heaven. Just take a hit, close your eyes and chill out. You won't regret it.

**I say Seattle duo instead of their real names because literally just thinking about their ridiculous DJ names has me wanting to vomit like it's Saturday night and I just took one patron shot too many. But, in the spirit of providing you with actual information along with my ramblings, ODESZA is compromised of Harrison Mills (aka CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (aka BeachesBeaches)............. SMHing so much at my desk right now my boss just asked me what's wrong... told her my Excel unexpectedly quit #ewps #T4Loverrealife

Laurasia Band - Rainmaker

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I couldn't even find a pic of these people. Off the grid maaaaaan. They are from Australia, so maybe they're on a Walkabout or somethin. This song certainly has nature vibes. I'm not sure what that means, but when I hear the background, I imagine a group of musical bullfrogs belting their hearts out. "Um OK crazy person," is prob what you just said to urself, but stfu and listen. You will agree with me. Some other things to note about this song / band :  1. CHRVCHES wish they wrote it. Srsly the ghost of that Scottish pixie singer is very present here.  2. The lead singer's real name is Jessica Wigglesworth. Ur welcome. 3. Literally I never hear the word rainmaker during this entire song. Instead I only hear "undertaker." Am I the most deaf? Is Laurasia purposely trying to confuse people and / or make them question their hearing abilities? Still, despite these things, A+.

Josef Salvat - Open Season

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Who can honestly say that in that pic Josef Salvat doesn't look like a stoned baseball player from A League of Their Own? That outfit screams 1940s war time athletic gear. And his face looks like he just opened his fridge to find a present from the Cake Boss. Honestly tho, who cares if he looks like that when he sounds like a soulful angel. We have posted about this Aussie wonder several times previously, but this new tune = the best one. Another blogger (who I refuse to promote because THIS IS UR FAVORITE BLOG RIGHT) called it "literal gold dust." It begins with a slow beat and his sexayyy voice, and eventually explodes into catchy chorus-dom. Also I can't decide if this is a good thing or not, but I can only think of Katiniss and Peeta when I hear this song. "I can't face this hunt alone / I'll be needing u / You'll be needing me too / we're in this game together". COME ON!! In the extended version , Josef probably sang about the violence of Cato. And the hairstyles of Caesar. It literally belongs on the Mockingjay soundtrack.

Kanye West- Bound 2 (Artiq Remix)

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Who knew Kanye songs were so good when you took out all the Kanye parts?!??? Don't get me wrong, love Kanye (imma let myself finish, but first I gotta say that Watch the Throne was one of dah greastest albums of all time, OF ALL TIME), however, he overworked Bound 2 to death. Also, when I listen to the original and hear him rap, all I can imagine is the music video and watching what I'm pretty sure is the moment North West was conceived on a prop motorcycle. 

I've actually had this remix on repeat all fucking morning, it's that amazing. Kanye made a smart sampling choice in Charlie Wilson (who I'm pretty sure isn't a singer, he's a junior at Hamilton College. Probs the same person. Not like Charlie and Wilson are common names or anything.) Artiq highlights the original soulful vocals while adding some much-appreciated tropical vibes and house piano that will have you groovin' along before you even realize it.

D.A.R.E.- Shake it Off (Taylor Swift Remix)

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The song that's been stuck in your head even since you first laid eyes of Tay Swift's abhorrent dance moves is back in the form an irresistible electronic jam. D.A.R.E. takes Taylor's oh-too-catchy summer hit and added level upon level of carefully-chosen percussion and synth. The result is fucking chill AF. But my only qualm: Who is this D.A.R.E.? Yes, we know they're Andrew Greene and Robert Martin from L.A. but other than that they give us 0 information about themselves online (Ron Swanson would be happy with their ability to remain private and off the grid). Judging by their Facebook tagged photos from this year, I can only guess that they either take the form of Patrick Star and Sandy Cheeks or a delicious veggie pizza. SRSLY, look! They are the true international men of mystery (dated reference but Austin Powers was on TV this weekend. gr8 tbt gem right there).

Tove Lo - Moments

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I just googled Tove Lo, and the New York Times just ran an article on her. Girl has made it. So we are nvr posting about her again. JK!!!!!! Here at t4L, the more famous you are, the more we like u. Because duh. If you are not convinced by that succinct argument, ask yourself this: do you like Jennifer Lawrence more than your landlord? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT. Anyways, Tove Lo aka the best hot mess in the game is about to release her 1st album, and pretty much every song is top notch. Not only are they dancey and fun to scream along to, they are all about everyone's favorite activity : getting shitfaced. Or pining after some dumb boy while u are shitfaced. Her lyrics are so on point it alarms me. Exhibit A: "I can get a little drunk / I get into all the drugs / But on good days I am charming as fuck" Tove Lo , literally u have written beautiful betchy poetry. Keep doing u.

Elliphant- One More (ft. MØ)

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The Scandanavian songstresses (no I'm not talking about Elsa and Anna, Frozen is SO 6 months ago) have teamed up and create a stellar, slow-burning electronic jam, and they're absolutely ROCKING the ushnisha in their album artwork. They also look like they're from Southie circa 1987 with the full-zip ADIDAS track suits which i'm less thrilled about, but maybe they were cold and a Nike store was nowhere to be found. 
"One More" is a surprising change of pace from these two who usually produce jivey, beat-centric little ditties. But this downtempo experiment is a total success, with the distorted synth and vocals that the music biz has been jizzing their pants over in the recent months. The vocal of both Danish MØ and Swedish Elliphant have a youthful energy about them (kinda a Charli XCX feel) and the song is uber complex, making it seem WAYYYY longer than a mere 3:28 seconds long. I feel like this song MUST be listened to in a dark room, and if you have a fog machine (i envy u, that sounds epic) then turn that on whist listening as well. Specific instructions, but they seem accurate nonetheless. 

Avicii- The Nights

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Avicii's popped more EDM cherries than any other DJ in the world. Way back in 2k11 50% of the people who said they liked EDM really meant they liked "Levels" (or it's equally amazing counterpart, "Slevel"). And 3 years later he continues to create tracks that bridge the gap between EDM and pop. "The Nights" has that undeniable, classic-Avicii hook and combines the guitar from his 2013 track, "Hey Brother" with some Lumineers-style vocals and vibes. This track isn't just any old single, it's actually part of the FIFA 2015 video game from EA Sports (that's when you know you've made it: when your song is featured in FIFA #blessed). Fatboy Slim, Madeon and A-Trak are also all contributing to the FIFA 2015 soundtrack, which THANK GOD cause when I'm playing FIFA, I'm always focused on the lack of quality music, not on the fact that all my players have yellow cards because the only move i know how to do is slide tackle ( don't h8, i grew up in a house of all girls, my experience is limited).

Cash Cash - Surrender

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Cash Cash has a lot of things working against them. One, they look like an Irish Christian rock trio. Two they are from the Jerz. Nothing wrong with being from the Garden state if u are a working class rock hero. shoutout to Brucey. If you are an electronic dance band on the other hand, I can only associate u with Snooki. But ultimately I care about neither of these things because they have just put out the BEST dance song of Fall 2014. Who cares that it's only slightly different from Take Me Home. It is the perfect song to take vodka shots to / get frat bros to shut up about the "shitty" music u were playing before***. For Cash Cash, crafting this tune was a more profound experience: "Working on this song definitely brought out a lot of amazing emotions."Oh wait, it means they did drugs and prob danced around till they died. ***Amazing emotions***

***because unless a song has a drop, or has been remixed to molly town,  no frat bro can respect it. Duh.

Brolin - Swim Deep

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I went to google Brolin the singer and naturally was submerged in a sea of JoshBrolin/JamesBrolin. While this father son duo are compelling look at for at least 3 pages of google image results, NOTHING is as amazing as the above photo. Who knew (no-first-name) Brolin was the Phantom of the Opera's new stage name. Also who knew the Phantom owned an exclusively French bulldog dog walking company. He does a pretty dece job making music too. "Swim Deep" is vibey and has a weirdly calming effect. If you found yourself hosting a gaggle of children with sugar and ADD pulsing through their veins, you could put this on and they would basically be meditating in 1 minute or less. or ur $$$ back!! Jk, hipster Brolin would prob be pissed if you did that. But for reals, I dig his voice and the production. It reminds me of Washed Out kinda. Plz be on the lookout for more music (of the night**) from this British mystery man.

**who knew when we started this blog I would ever write an Andrew Lloyd Weber joke. Life u are just full of surprises !!

Bipolar Sunshine - Future (Part 1) (ft. Goldlink)

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That picture looks like a still from a Wes Anderson movie. That guy would be the hipster florist that was having an affair with Tilda Swinton while her professor husband played by Jason Schwartzman made intricate oragami and wondered where she was. Also he looks like Blood Orange. He sounds better tho, so rejoice! I heard this guy once before like a year and a half ago, and I thought he sucked, so I'm glad he scurried back into his cave and produced this gem. The vocals on "Future" are kind of wispy and similar to the Weeknd. Goldlink has either provided the background or the rap. Or both? Regardless, he gets props, because all elements of this song are on top of their game. My final and most important comparison of Bipolar Sunshine to better known bitches is the golden god SBTRKT. Everything about this reminds me of SBTRKT. It's probably the twinkly production. I'm serious, it literally sounds like a galaxy of stars is singing backup vocals. This comparison is kind of tbt tho, because as of late, SBTRKT has disappeared in a haze of acid and bad music. So if u miss him, listen to Bipolar Sunshine.

Made In Heights - Ghosts

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I'm glad there are pictures of this band on the Internet, because if there weren't, it would be very hard to convince me the vocals are not provided by some kind of high pitched animal. I'm struggling to picture the exact species. I'm thinking some kind of marine life. Like a sea horse. Her name would be Sandy, and she would be like Ariel ONLY REAL. Maybe this is the truth, and that bitch in the white shirt is the front woman stealing all the glory. Poor Sandy!!! She provides the talent, and Waldo keeps her locked up in an aquarium. WHATEVER IT COULD HAPPEN. HOGWARTS IS REAL PEOPLE. **deep breath*** "Ghosts" sounds like Made in Heights recorded a much slower version, and a genuis producer said "ZZzzzz to this indie shit!" and played it at twice the speed. It's frantic and awesome. The best part is the chorus, which has no words and instead features the tragically unsung chinchilla singing aHHuuuahhh over and over again. I feel equal parts psyched and horrified for when a rando house producer remixes this and Rick Ross raps about fuckin bitches over it.

Childish Gambino - Sober

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I need to know what goes on in Childish Gambino's life that makes him so sad. Remember when he instagrammed lots of pics of his darkest thoughts on Marriott stationary? Me neither, but that's what came up when I googled, "Why is Childish Gambino so sad." Apparently, young Donald worries about people finding out what he masturbates to... And now that you said that Danny, I am afraid of you. So probably u were right to be scared. Anywayyyss, our fav Tears of a Clown rapper has released another melancholic jam entitled "Sober." It could also be called, "Literally Any Song By Frank Ocean," but that's neither here nor there. In this new jam, he tells the tale of a young man who decides to nvr again --YOU GUESSED IT!!-- drink Svedka. But also he talks bout smokin instead, and like guess what Danny if u are high you are not sober. I guess the rapper community has different rules. Snoop Dogg is sober every day!

Theophilus London - Tribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)

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Theophilus London looks like Pharrell hit his head and woke up thinking he was the artist formerly known as Prince. The music however, is all his own. <----- GREAT TRANSITION AMIRITE. Actually, that's a lie. I keep thinking of JayZ when I hear this. I think it has to do with the uh-huh-uh-huhs. Heck***, I almost believe innocent pre-Chris Brown Rihanna to come in. But she doesn't, and instead we have Jesse Boykins III to entertain us. I'm diggin it. If my life were a movie, it's the song that would play when me n my bitches walked into a club. In real life it's the song I will try and pretend to know the words to while I take a shower. This will be problematic, because I don't think Theophilus London himself knows the words to this song. As for the words an English speaker can process, I think T.L picked up a dictionary and decided to just say things that rhymed in quick sucession. Literally  Reefa , beama, Frida are in the same line. And now all I can picture is Mrs. Unibrow smoking ganJ in her luxury vehicle.  ...smh

*** I am a 1940s paper boy now .

Brika- Options

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Miami was feeling rullll left out of the ghost-pop songstress trend. L.A. has BANKS and Ryn Weaver, New York has Verite and the UK has Ella Eyre, Only Girl (basically erryone else cause British music rocks). But poor little Miami, FL had nothing. It was like it was 1966 all over again and Miami was feeling left out over not having an NFL team. But THEN they got the Miami Dolphins and that team got to be the focus of one of the greatest movies of all times, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. The wait for the team was worth it. And again, Miami has finally joined the inner circle, this time of fem-pop singers not football teams but w/e the comparison kind of works (I most importantly just wanted to remind that Ace Ventura happened and it's worth a revisit lol).

But actually, Brika sounds exactly like the love child of BANKS and Ella Eyre and she got the whole instrumental minimalism down. She mixes a jzzy R&B melody with well-rounded harmonies, gentle electronics and, my fave, brief bursts of twangy, old-school, electric guitar. My one complaint is that is is too short! It like crescendos and then just fucking ends at 2:55 long. Like if this were 1992 maybe that would be an acceptable song length, but you're singing in 2014 here, Brika, where songs are at least 4:30 long and if you can't get there the easiest thing to do it add a verse of Nicki Minaj rapping. 

The Kooks- Sweet Emotion

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The Kooks have been steadily cruising for YEARS now. Like no doubt, if I were a celeb I would wanna be the bass player in a band like the Kooks. You travel, you consistently get a paycheck for one night for an amount greater than my entire net worth AND no one ever recognizes you. Sure it might get depressing at first, being famous and still having these peasants walk by you and not recognize your greatness, but I bet Ariana Grande is kicking herself for not going the Daft-Punk-anonymous-helmet route with her career now, considering her leaked nuuuuuudies and the fact that she can't go and grab her Starbucks Hazelnut Frappachino (she's like 14, what else would she order at Starbucks??) without her face caked with makeup and her hair in a ponytail tighter than a Romanian-gymnast's. Anyway, so yeah, long tangent aside, being a Kook would rock pretty much. AND, they still continue to create solid hits, like "Sweet Emotion", off their newly-released 4th album. They pair their classic eclectic electric guitar with an attention-grabbing hook and some contemporary distorted vocals. The ending kind of sounds like they forgot to hit the "end record" button and got the pianist practicing, but w/e, i guess it's cool. It's also just a refreshing breathe of fresh air from all the electronic in the music world today, and it takes me back to a simpler time. Like if the Kooks had been formed in 2k14, their name would have probably been the k00k5 and then you would find NOTHING about them on this blog just because of their douche-bag name. The only time letters and numbers should be mixed is passwords. END OF STORY.  

The Preatures - Somebody's Talking

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This band pretty much sounds like Haim. Which sux for them because they have been around for like a million more years (2010). This rocks for us though, because if I could, I would listen to the Wire in 1000 different versions. In new ditty "Somebody's Talking," these Aussie rockers sing about the betchiest topic around, gossip. Exhibit A: "Now I'm walkin away / Somebody's talkin" This is basically slang for "Cute Skirt, where did you get it ?!" "It was my Mom's in the 80s!"  "THAT IS THE UGLIEST EFFING SKIRT I HAVE EVER SEEN"." Aside from Tina Fey references, these lyrics can be applied to your personal life. Consider the time you asked if it was cool that you ate Subway every night for a week. If your friends responded emphatically that yes it was totally fine, and u were just budget saving, FYI they thought you were crazy and discussed ur mental health frequently behind ur back. K it's late and I don't know where this post is leading, so I'm leaving , but listen to this song. 

Skizzy Mars- Way I Live

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Skizzy Mars proves that he always has chill vibes for dayyyyyyys. His "Way I Live" is just further proof of that and I love how Skizzy just tells it how it is. He thinks weed is tight and he wants us to know it. So how does he tell us? Not even by rapping, he's not fucking around motherfucker, he LOVES his weed. So he just starts off the song by delivering the truest of messages: weed is tight. And then repeats it, just so the message (as OBVIOUS as it is) sinks in. Mars gives an awesomely futurist facelift to Baby Boy Da Prince's 2007 song (that's right, I forgot, before there were lame, incoherent indie band names, there was the time of lame rapper pseudonyms known as the 1990's-2000's. Inbetween the killer hook of a chorus, Skizzy shoots off some slick verses that melt over the smoothest of R&B beats (we can thank producer Mike Keenan for those). All I wanna do on this rainy Monday afternoon is listen to this song, smoke some weed and blow sick smoke rings (unfortunately, I have a job and am not nearly cool or talented enough to blow anything that looks even remotely like a smoke ring. I can't even do the blow-out-the-mouth-and-up-the-nose-at-the-same-time trick. Please inform me by email at I'm serious.)

Also, this song is a free download on SoundCloud FTW! Thanks Skiz, ur too generous. 

Blonde- I Loved You

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Just in time for the end of summer, Blonde sneaks in "I Loved You" which features that tropical synth we've been hearing all season long. "I Loved You" is equal parts 90's funk and present-day club-style house with Melissa Steele lending her electronically-friendly vocals to the track. The upbeat and fizzy chorus features vocals and harmonies that give me vivid flashbacks to the never-forgotten girl-groups of the late 90's/ early 00's such as Destiny's Child and TLC.  I also get reminded of Alunageorge when listening to "I Loved You", which is weird because i would never compare "Your Love" to, say, "Chasing Waterfalls" but the ear hears what the ear hears (except if you're Hannah from GIRLS and you have a Q-tip lodged too far up your left eardrum). Srsly, if this track doesn't have you up and dancing this weekend, then 1 of 4 things is happening:

1. You are COMPLETELY sober. 
Solution: start drinking (it's 5 o'clock somewhere) and I'll check back in 2 hrs.

2. You have been drinking, but not feeling the urge to shake ur tailfeather yet.
Solution: drink MORE.

3. You have been drinking a lot but can't get your body up to dance.
Solution: You are probably passed out or about to pass out. Avoid drinking more and dick-hole friends with permanent markers.

4. You haven't been drinking a lot and you can't get your body up to dance.
Solution: GO TO A HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL! you may be partially or fully paralyzed. 

Only Girl- Feel It

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If you need a song to listen to while crying those beer tears out this weekend, look no further! Only Girl is here with her new single "Feel It" and it comes with depressing and intensely-emotional lyrics. The South-Londoner's vocals melt over the airy production which is chalk-full of polished synth and skittering beats. She also perpetuates the age old question that bothers me so fucking much: WHY DO YOU SOUND LIKE ELIZA DOOLITTLE WHEN YOU TALK BUT A PURE-BLOODED, SOLO-CUP-WIELDING AMERICAN WHEN YOU SING? Adele refuses to answer this question, so Only Girl, plz, enlighten me (I promise I won't publicize your well-kept secret). Listen to this if you like warm harmonies and minimalist 90's influence R&B. Prolly avoid if you have a penis, some rul fempop vibes hereee.


Calvin Harris- Blame (ft. John Newman)

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All hail Calvin Harris, the king of effortlessly making hits since 2k11's 'We Found Love'. Like his body, displayed amazingly in his ALS ice bucket challenge video**, Calvin's career is perfection. First off,  he gets paid more money for doing one show in Vegas than I would selling all my vital organs on the black market in Columbia. AND, he gets paid that much every night for 2 YEARS. Second, he has a knack of producing hit-single after hit-single (see 'Bounce', 'Feel So Close', 'Sweet Nothing', 'I Need Your Love', 'Summer' litchrully could go on for dayz). Blame is no exception: just as solid as all of Adam Richard Wiles' (aka our boy Calvin lol) tracks. He is 4ever the master of the subtle house piano, infectious drops and stellar vocalist choices (John Newman is no exception). Not much else to say really, this track is just really generically house, but I wasn't gonna let the new Calvin come out and not let you loons know, yah know? I'm not a monster, just the closest thing (a ginger).

**To see T4L's absolute FAVORITE ALS ice bucket challenge video, click here. You won't be disappointed (and if u are, leave and nvr come back).

A Trio of Tunes: Sigma (ft. Paloma Faith)- Changing (Original, Majestic Remix and Naxxos Remix)

9/04/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

SIGMA- CHANGING (FT. PALOMA FAITH): In the spirit of Disney's "Hercules", give me some soulful gospel vocals any day of the week. The new single from DJing-duo Sigma features singer Paloma Faith, whom YouTube commenters have described as "an uglier Lana Del Rey" which is pretty cold-blooded but also hilariously accurate. But, to counter, she's also a cooler Lana Del Rey considering she's British and she uses her actual birth name (stop hiding behind Lana's botox, Lizzy Grant). Everything about this original is classically british from Faith's vocals (see fellow sassy-Brit-pop singer Ella Eyre) to the powerhouse drums (see Wilkinson's "Afterglow"). This song is just destined to be in a movie. All I can picture is like if Erin Brokovich was remade today and in the style of a rom-com targeted towards tweens (I know, bear with me), this song would play while she compiles evidence on those bastards at PG&E (hm, maybe weed hasn't complete demolished my memory).

SIGMA- CHANGING (MAJESTIC REMIX): Majestic swings in and just does what Majestic always does and transforms this track from a brit-pop hit to a funky house groove that pairs oh too well with Faith's vintage vocals. This may be less mainstream that the orig but the irresistible house piano slabs undeniably makes this version the greater dance ditty.



SIGMA- CHANGING (NAXXOS REMIX): As always, I dig the tropical vibes and this track and it's wayyyy more mellowed out than the other two. It these three versions were at a party, the original would be playing slap cup, the Majestic remix would be rolling face alone on the dance floor and the Naxxos remix would be the one sitting coma-status on the couch fucked up on some high-level prescription pills. Hopefully that helps you gauge the distinctive vibes of these three tracks better. Most likely, it does not, but YOBASCO (you only blog about Sigma's "Changing" once. Also a good name for a company that produces tobasco-flavored yogurt. brb, gonna go patent that.)

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