A Trio of Tunes: Sigma (ft. Paloma Faith)- Changing (Original, Majestic Remix and Naxxos Remix)

9/04/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

SIGMA- CHANGING (FT. PALOMA FAITH): In the spirit of Disney's "Hercules", give me some soulful gospel vocals any day of the week. The new single from DJing-duo Sigma features singer Paloma Faith, whom YouTube commenters have described as "an uglier Lana Del Rey" which is pretty cold-blooded but also hilariously accurate. But, to counter, she's also a cooler Lana Del Rey considering she's British and she uses her actual birth name (stop hiding behind Lana's botox, Lizzy Grant). Everything about this original is classically british from Faith's vocals (see fellow sassy-Brit-pop singer Ella Eyre) to the powerhouse drums (see Wilkinson's "Afterglow"). This song is just destined to be in a movie. All I can picture is like if Erin Brokovich was remade today and in the style of a rom-com targeted towards tweens (I know, bear with me), this song would play while she compiles evidence on those bastards at PG&E (hm, maybe weed hasn't complete demolished my memory).

SIGMA- CHANGING (MAJESTIC REMIX): Majestic swings in and just does what Majestic always does and transforms this track from a brit-pop hit to a funky house groove that pairs oh too well with Faith's vintage vocals. This may be less mainstream that the orig but the irresistible house piano slabs undeniably makes this version the greater dance ditty.



SIGMA- CHANGING (NAXXOS REMIX): As always, I dig the tropical vibes and this track and it's wayyyy more mellowed out than the other two. It these three versions were at a party, the original would be playing slap cup, the Majestic remix would be rolling face alone on the dance floor and the Naxxos remix would be the one sitting coma-status on the couch fucked up on some high-level prescription pills. Hopefully that helps you gauge the distinctive vibes of these three tracks better. Most likely, it does not, but YOBASCO (you only blog about Sigma's "Changing" once. Also a good name for a company that produces tobasco-flavored yogurt. brb, gonna go patent that.)

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