Bipolar Sunshine - Future (Part 1) (ft. Goldlink)

9/17/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

That picture looks like a still from a Wes Anderson movie. That guy would be the hipster florist that was having an affair with Tilda Swinton while her professor husband played by Jason Schwartzman made intricate oragami and wondered where she was. Also he looks like Blood Orange. He sounds better tho, so rejoice! I heard this guy once before like a year and a half ago, and I thought he sucked, so I'm glad he scurried back into his cave and produced this gem. The vocals on "Future" are kind of wispy and similar to the Weeknd. Goldlink has either provided the background or the rap. Or both? Regardless, he gets props, because all elements of this song are on top of their game. My final and most important comparison of Bipolar Sunshine to better known bitches is the golden god SBTRKT. Everything about this reminds me of SBTRKT. It's probably the twinkly production. I'm serious, it literally sounds like a galaxy of stars is singing backup vocals. This comparison is kind of tbt tho, because as of late, SBTRKT has disappeared in a haze of acid and bad music. So if u miss him, listen to Bipolar Sunshine.