Brika- Options

9/15/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Miami was feeling rullll left out of the ghost-pop songstress trend. L.A. has BANKS and Ryn Weaver, New York has Verite and the UK has Ella Eyre, Only Girl (basically erryone else cause British music rocks). But poor little Miami, FL had nothing. It was like it was 1966 all over again and Miami was feeling left out over not having an NFL team. But THEN they got the Miami Dolphins and that team got to be the focus of one of the greatest movies of all times, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. The wait for the team was worth it. And again, Miami has finally joined the inner circle, this time of fem-pop singers not football teams but w/e the comparison kind of works (I most importantly just wanted to remind that Ace Ventura happened and it's worth a revisit lol).

But actually, Brika sounds exactly like the love child of BANKS and Ella Eyre and she got the whole instrumental minimalism down. She mixes a jzzy R&B melody with well-rounded harmonies, gentle electronics and, my fave, brief bursts of twangy, old-school, electric guitar. My one complaint is that is is too short! It like crescendos and then just fucking ends at 2:55 long. Like if this were 1992 maybe that would be an acceptable song length, but you're singing in 2014 here, Brika, where songs are at least 4:30 long and if you can't get there the easiest thing to do it add a verse of Nicki Minaj rapping.