Brolin - Swim Deep

9/17/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I went to google Brolin the singer and naturally was submerged in a sea of JoshBrolin/JamesBrolin. While this father son duo are compelling look at for at least 3 pages of google image results, NOTHING is as amazing as the above photo. Who knew (no-first-name) Brolin was the Phantom of the Opera's new stage name. Also who knew the Phantom owned an exclusively French bulldog dog walking company. He does a pretty dece job making music too. "Swim Deep" is vibey and has a weirdly calming effect. If you found yourself hosting a gaggle of children with sugar and ADD pulsing through their veins, you could put this on and they would basically be meditating in 1 minute or less. or ur $$$ back!! Jk, hipster Brolin would prob be pissed if you did that. But for reals, I dig his voice and the production. It reminds me of Washed Out kinda. Plz be on the lookout for more music (of the night**) from this British mystery man.

**who knew when we started this blog I would ever write an Andrew Lloyd Weber joke. Life u are just full of surprises !!