Calvin Harris- Blame (ft. John Newman)

9/05/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

All hail Calvin Harris, the king of effortlessly making hits since 2k11's 'We Found Love'. Like his body, displayed amazingly in his ALS ice bucket challenge video**, Calvin's career is perfection. First off,  he gets paid more money for doing one show in Vegas than I would selling all my vital organs on the black market in Columbia. AND, he gets paid that much every night for 2 YEARS. Second, he has a knack of producing hit-single after hit-single (see 'Bounce', 'Feel So Close', 'Sweet Nothing', 'I Need Your Love', 'Summer' litchrully could go on for dayz). Blame is no exception: just as solid as all of Adam Richard Wiles' (aka our boy Calvin lol) tracks. He is 4ever the master of the subtle house piano, infectious drops and stellar vocalist choices (John Newman is no exception). Not much else to say really, this track is just really generically house, but I wasn't gonna let the new Calvin come out and not let you loons know, yah know? I'm not a monster, just the closest thing (a ginger).

**To see T4L's absolute FAVORITE ALS ice bucket challenge video, click here. You won't be disappointed (and if u are, leave and nvr come back).