Cash Cash - Surrender

9/20/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Cash Cash has a lot of things working against them. One, they look like an Irish Christian rock trio. Two they are from the Jerz. Nothing wrong with being from the Garden state if u are a working class rock hero. shoutout to Brucey. If you are an electronic dance band on the other hand, I can only associate u with Snooki. But ultimately I care about neither of these things because they have just put out the BEST dance song of Fall 2014. Who cares that it's only slightly different from Take Me Home. It is the perfect song to take vodka shots to / get frat bros to shut up about the "shitty" music u were playing before***. For Cash Cash, crafting this tune was a more profound experience: "Working on this song definitely brought out a lot of amazing emotions."Oh wait, it means they did drugs and prob danced around till they died. ***Amazing emotions***

***because unless a song has a drop, or has been remixed to molly town,  no frat bro can respect it. Duh.