D.A.R.E.- Shake it Off (Taylor Swift Remix)

9/23/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

The song that's been stuck in your head even since you first laid eyes of Tay Swift's abhorrent dance moves is back in the form an irresistible electronic jam. D.A.R.E. takes Taylor's oh-too-catchy summer hit and added level upon level of carefully-chosen percussion and synth. The result is fucking chill AF. But my only qualm: Who is this D.A.R.E.? Yes, we know they're Andrew Greene and Robert Martin from L.A. but other than that they give us 0 information about themselves online (Ron Swanson would be happy with their ability to remain private and off the grid). Judging by their Facebook tagged photos from this year, I can only guess that they either take the form of Patrick Star and Sandy Cheeks or a delicious veggie pizza. SRSLY, look! They are the true international men of mystery (dated reference but Austin Powers was on TV this weekend. gr8 tbt gem right there).