Elliphant- One More (ft. MØ)

9/22/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

The Scandanavian songstresses (no I'm not talking about Elsa and Anna, Frozen is SO 6 months ago) have teamed up and create a stellar, slow-burning electronic jam, and they're absolutely ROCKING the ushnisha in their album artwork. They also look like they're from Southie circa 1987 with the full-zip ADIDAS track suits which i'm less thrilled about, but maybe they were cold and a Nike store was nowhere to be found. 
"One More" is a surprising change of pace from these two who usually produce jivey, beat-centric little ditties. But this downtempo experiment is a total success, with the distorted synth and vocals that the music biz has been jizzing their pants over in the recent months. The vocal of both Danish MØ and Swedish Elliphant have a youthful energy about them (kinda a Charli XCX feel) and the song is uber complex, making it seem WAYYYY longer than a mere 3:28 seconds long. I feel like this song MUST be listened to in a dark room, and if you have a fog machine (i envy u, that sounds epic) then turn that on whist listening as well. Specific instructions, but they seem accurate nonetheless.