Kanye West- Bound 2 (Artiq Remix)

9/24/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Who knew Kanye songs were so good when you took out all the Kanye parts?!??? Don't get me wrong, love Kanye (imma let myself finish, but first I gotta say that Watch the Throne was one of dah greastest albums of all time, OF ALL TIME), however, he overworked Bound 2 to death. Also, when I listen to the original and hear him rap, all I can imagine is the music video and watching what I'm pretty sure is the moment North West was conceived on a prop motorcycle. 

I've actually had this remix on repeat all fucking morning, it's that amazing. Kanye made a smart sampling choice in Charlie Wilson (who I'm pretty sure isn't a singer, he's a junior at Hamilton College. Probs the same person. Not like Charlie and Wilson are common names or anything.) Artiq highlights the original soulful vocals while adding some much-appreciated tropical vibes and house piano that will have you groovin' along before you even realize it.