Made In Heights - Ghosts

9/17/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I'm glad there are pictures of this band on the Internet, because if there weren't, it would be very hard to convince me the vocals are not provided by some kind of high pitched animal. I'm struggling to picture the exact species. I'm thinking some kind of marine life. Like a sea horse. Her name would be Sandy, and she would be like Ariel ONLY REAL. Maybe this is the truth, and that bitch in the white shirt is the front woman stealing all the glory. Poor Sandy!!! She provides the talent, and Waldo keeps her locked up in an aquarium. WHATEVER IT COULD HAPPEN. HOGWARTS IS REAL PEOPLE. **deep breath*** "Ghosts" sounds like Made in Heights recorded a much slower version, and a genuis producer said "ZZzzzz to this indie shit!" and played it at twice the speed. It's frantic and awesome. The best part is the chorus, which has no words and instead features the tragically unsung chinchilla singing aHHuuuahhh over and over again. I feel equal parts psyched and horrified for when a rando house producer remixes this and Rick Ross raps about fuckin bitches over it.