Only Girl- Feel It

9/05/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

If you need a song to listen to while crying those beer tears out this weekend, look no further! Only Girl is here with her new single "Feel It" and it comes with depressing and intensely-emotional lyrics. The South-Londoner's vocals melt over the airy production which is chalk-full of polished synth and skittering beats. She also perpetuates the age old question that bothers me so fucking much: WHY DO YOU SOUND LIKE ELIZA DOOLITTLE WHEN YOU TALK BUT A PURE-BLOODED, SOLO-CUP-WIELDING AMERICAN WHEN YOU SING? Adele refuses to answer this question, so Only Girl, plz, enlighten me (I promise I won't publicize your well-kept secret). Listen to this if you like warm harmonies and minimalist 90's influence R&B. Prolly avoid if you have a penis, some rul fempop vibes hereee.