Shannon Saunders - Sheets

9/29/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I feel as if this girl time traveled from the 2005 Grey's Anatomy soundtrack. This song is practically Cosy in the Rocket 2.0. BAM Psapp reference. If you don't know what that is, ur missing out on some pretty amazing television. Shonda 4 prez. However, Shannon Saunders was born in the UK in 1994, so unless she was a realllllllyyy hip international-Tv-watching tween, the similarities are coincidence. Regardless, her housey / electro / Apple commercial in training song "Sheets" is super vibey and worth a listen. She has vocals that are kind of easy to assume are weird and bJork-y, but they are actually really good and probably not very easy to sing. Like yodeling. That shit is hard. Lyrical commentary: I am concerned about Shannon Saunders' self esteem. At one part, she sings "Am I worthy of my lover? / Because he doesn't love me" Hey lady, U ARE WORTHY!!! Emma Watson supports u! I support u! Unless I find out u set his bed on fire and then I'm abandoning my defense of u.

P.s. Plz upload some pictures of yourself that don't make me want to say Bless u