Skizzy Mars- Way I Live

9/08/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Skizzy Mars proves that he always has chill vibes for dayyyyyyys. His "Way I Live" is just further proof of that and I love how Skizzy just tells it how it is. He thinks weed is tight and he wants us to know it. So how does he tell us? Not even by rapping, he's not fucking around motherfucker, he LOVES his weed. So he just starts off the song by delivering the truest of messages: weed is tight. And then repeats it, just so the message (as OBVIOUS as it is) sinks in. Mars gives an awesomely futurist facelift to Baby Boy Da Prince's 2007 song (that's right, I forgot, before there were lame, incoherent indie band names, there was the time of lame rapper pseudonyms known as the 1990's-2000's. Inbetween the killer hook of a chorus, Skizzy shoots off some slick verses that melt over the smoothest of R&B beats (we can thank producer Mike Keenan for those). All I wanna do on this rainy Monday afternoon is listen to this song, smoke some weed and blow sick smoke rings (unfortunately, I have a job and am not nearly cool or talented enough to blow anything that looks even remotely like a smoke ring. I can't even do the blow-out-the-mouth-and-up-the-nose-at-the-same-time trick. Please inform me by email at I'm serious.)

Also, this song is a free download on SoundCloud FTW! Thanks Skiz, ur too generous.