Weekend Recap (RAC, Kendrick and, coincidentally, WKND)

9/29/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Basically I'm too lazy on this dreary Monday morning to muster up enough sass and commentary for separate posts so you get this hot mess combination of random songs and thoughts. Here's the weekend's top 3 ditties you might have missed while you were black out drunk:

ODESZA- Say My Name (RAC Remix): The remix contest is over and the winner is, unsurprisingly, RAC. This just seems like a match made in heaven. Both ODESZA and RAC are so popular right now, this combo is basically just like the football captain dating the head cheerleader. RAC highlights the vocals and does their usual tune-up, producing another infectious jam.

Kendrick Lamar- I: Kendrick is back and he wants to let YOU know that he is so self-conscious that he had to write a whole song convincing himself that he loves himself. Or he's just a self-obsessed douchebag. Either way you produce amazing stuff, so u do u kendrick.


Chet Faker x WKND- Lover: unsubtly switching from rap to indie, we have the flawless Chet Faker (sry, can I not use that adjective? Is that description legally owned by Beyonce? Prolly). This song was probably the most pleasant surprise from the weekend (and Germany's WKND, god that pun never gets old) so be sure to check it out. And who doesn't love some steel drum action??