ZHU- Gun (CHVRCHES cover)

9/25/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Oh ZHU. I am officially over your anonymity that has annoyed me so in the past, mostly because you produce hit after hit and I'm tired of redundantly complaining to you loons about this elusive phenom. I am more confused now with the fact that his favorite band is CHVRCHES.... r u a 19 yr old girl, ZHU? Don't get me wrong, CHVRCHES rocks, but it's uber girly. Nevertheless, T4L isn't judgmental, so I'll look past this fact (jk, T4L is like the most judgemental music blog i know #sryimnotsry). The original song from CHVRCHES is already golden, but ZHU's chill house cover ups the track's precious metal game to platinum. The funky and constant electric guitar in the background is an amazing addition and although the overall vibes of this track are chill and laidback, the production just begs you to get up and groove along. I am missing the bridge from the original**, but i really can't be picky because if I tried to remix a song I would probably end up with a broken computer and a track identical to the original, yet somehow still more shitty.

**my only other qualm with the track is that it clears up the misheard lyric from the original. I thought it was " You stuck in the knife that you held at my BUTT" and i always giggled like a 12-yr-old boy. But alas, CHVRCHES is cliche and say "back" instead of "butt". Thx for the clarification ZHU, but now the humor is unfortunately gone.