Iggy Azalea- Beg for It (ft. Mø)

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Good tune. Too bad it will only ever reside in the hall of fame that is botched SNL performances (at least you get to hang with Ashlee Simpson, riiiight, Mø?). At least you (or by your handwriting, a slow 8-year-old) apologized via the only method that matters: social media, fucking duh. But actually, fucked up SNL performance or not, the verses are classic Iggy and the poppy-yet-eerie chorus is classic Mø so it's a pretty dope track overall (THeSE bEATs aRE dOPE). white girl from the outback (Sure she spelled her name yet AGAIN (we get it. ur name is spelled I-G-G-Y. Even that slow 8-year-old who wrote Mø's apology letter can spell that ish). 

cassian - Running (ft. Cleopold)

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If you like the song When It's Alright by Sam Smith and Juun, you would like this. It's a little bit worse and more low key, but come on WHY DO U HAVE SUCH HIGH STANDARDS. It involves a slow burning house beat, some male falsetto vocals, and a tropical islandy vibe. I think it's really straddling the line between what's acceptable for upbeat party music and what's not. Is it the long lost brother of Calvin Harris? No, but neither is James Blake and we like him still. Perhaps a good post party jam. Now I would like to comment on the presence of Cleopold. We blogged him earlier this year on the Miami Horror song (which I forgot about so clearly it wasn't that good), but I think this is a much better fit for him! Or my music taste is slowly becoming all about haushaushaus. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.

BUNT- Harmonica

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BUNT is back after his aaaaamazing "Journey" and he's dipped into the genre so many DJs are digging this fall which I can only refer to as deep house on the prarie. Started by Avicii in 2k13, deep house on the prarie is basically any country sounding song that someone has commented on saying "can't wait to hear this at the club". Even though this song has some serious instrumental-ADD (literally it switches from western guitar to harmonica to saxophone to xylophone in under a minute flat), it all works to create a track to show to your country-loving friends whole usually hate all the music you monopolize parties with. BUNT is a German-duo which makes sense considering the first thign I thought when I heard this song is that Europeans will fucking LOVE this shit. Idk what is it about songs with saxophone or remixed country but our friends across the pond absolutely dig that ish (trust me, I've been in too many -1 star clubs in Europe to know). They would totally play this on repeat at one of their American-themed parties they have (even though this ISNT an American song. foreigners lol).

Also, the cover art is weirdly Halloween-y AND it's a **FREE DOWNLOAD** on SOundCLoud so HepPy HaLLowEeN y'aLL!!

Tove Lo - Talking Body

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"Omg a new Tove Lo song ! T4L u are so original!!" Well bitches, this song is good so listen to it. Like every other T.L. song, it's catchy aF and makes you want to jump around and be drunk. Also know that we are actually doing Tove Lo the favor. Because I saw her in concert 2 weeks ago. And guys....she was kind of lame. Like, she spent most of the time yelling about how she was high. And also asking the audience if they were high. And in general just talking about weed. That's fine I guess...but the rules of Fight Club apply to other things besides fight club. And Tove Lo was not being v cool bout that. Also her voice was a little bit meh. Maybe she was having an off night. I will give her the benefit of the doubt. Because probably if I stood up in front of bitchy New Yorkers I would fall off the stage. Also did you know she was in a high school band with half of Icona Pop?! Now u know. MIKE'S SUPER SHORT SHOW. (anyone? Bueller?)

Calvin Harris- Pray to God (ft. HAIM) and Open Wide (ft. Big Sean)

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EVERYBODY and their mother knows that Calvin Harris' album, Motion, drops on November 4th (oh rly? ur mom doesn't know that. hm, lame). Personally, here at tunes4loons, we LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN with excitement (sry, but that phrase is ssssso hot right now. Hopefully someone will google search it and end up here #socialmedia). Calvin's been dropping presents for his fans in the form of singles over the course of this week making it seem like a less-religious Hanukhah (<-- u don't even wanna know how I originally spelled that #collegegrad #ithappens).

In the beginning of the week, Calvin showed off his collab-picking skills when he dropped "Pray to God" feat three of the hottest siblings since Hanson, HAIM. This collaboration makes me think that Calvin Harris actually is cool. I was unsure cause he dated Rita Ora (who even r u? B4 black widow u were the Kate Beckinsale of the music industry**). Sure with the electric licks and faint strings the song sounds 90% HAIM, 10% Calvin, but its still got the infectious backbeat of a Calvin classic. Also this gives me hope that HAIM wasn't a 1 trick pony with their album (see Azealia Banks. Yeah, she's a #tbt now. sad.)

**Srsly,why do the both of them get invited to EVERY award show/ movie premiere/ kardashian birthday party out there?! Name three things either Rita Ora or Kate Beckinsale have done. I betchu can't.

Listen via HypeM 4now: http://hypem.com/track/27fg/Calvin+Harris+-+Pray+To+God+feat.+HAIM

The second track is NSFW (have NO idea what that means but I know if it's applicable anywhere it is for this song). "Open Wide" (ew) houses the amazingness that is Calvin-styled synth and sports some western/ middle eastern guitar that soooo many DJs are loving this fall (and, ummmm, it probably should be harder to distinguish whether the guitar is a suitar being played by a sheik or a banjo being played by Chuck Norris. Just a suggestion). This song also houses maybe the most unsubtle sexual innuendos of all time (besides "Get Down On Your Knees" which is the RAUNCHIEST track I've heard to date). Although props to Big Sean for throwing the word "trousers" into a rap song amongst all the obscenity-- definitely first time I've heard a dude under 70 us that.  

Listen via HypeM 4now: 

Shaggy- It Wasn't Me (DnT Flip)

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There literally could be a better way to start off a bleak Wednesday morning than with fucking Shaggy (**MUST stress I am using fucking as an adj here not a verb... a necessary clarification). The first :30 seconds suck, but then again, it's like required for the first :30 seconds of any remix to be TERRIBLE. Why is that? srsly, did all DJs get 2gether and think "well start off with remix immediately because we want people to recognize the song right away! no, no, save it. Throw in some crappy generic synth for :30 seconds, then pepper in the fact that it is amazing remix". Actually DJs of the world, get your shit (and the intros of your tracks) together-- AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. We have Orlando Duo Deven & Tommie (get it DnT? ugh, I prayed for a simple DJ name and the music godz answered my prays) to thank for this amazing twist to 8-year-old-me's fucking JAM (but also, what parents let their kid's favorite album when they're 8 be Shaggy's "Hot Shot". thx 'rents). The infectious-Shaggy rhythm is still present, but DnT have layered some amazing dance-synth and marching-band drum drops, which are my absolute favorite types of drops (yeah, I'm a weak EDM fan, I know). The only lull in the song is the RikRok rapping verse but, like, stop having such impossibly high expectations and enjoy this gr00vy throwback tune for the gem it is. 

Sound Remedy- Victory (ft. EVVY)

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Yay! Another appearance by up-and-coming EVVY who, like every other indie-pop princess out there from L.A. to London, channels the fashion-sense and attitude of Luna Lovegood. But homegirl knows how to choose and sing a catchy track, as evident by this summer's gr00vy "Got Me Movin'". Also, PLOT TWIST, her name is pronounced eh-vy not eeeeeveeeee like the pokemon as we all thought (I know, I was dissapointed too. I was hoping she'd evolve like Snoop Dogg/ Snoop Lion or Lil Bow Wow/ Bow Wow and become Vaporeon. or Umbreon. But nope). EVVY teams up with Cali-producer Sound Remedy (pictured) who wears a mask cause, you know, EBOLA. But real talk, this song IS the next "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit. Everyone mark your calendars, on October 28, 2014, I predicted that this song will be on the radio (I'll say that I told you so in about 7-9 months). The song's upbeat, totally PG and catchy AF. As soon as the electro-infused chorus hit, my mind was fucking blown. It has the chorus of a number-one pop song and the drop of an amazing electronic jam. And that combo is, in the words of Hansel, sssso hot RN.

Black Coast- TRNDSTTR (ft. M Maggie)

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First off, fuck the all-uppercase-no-vowels song name. FUCK THAT. Alright, now that that's out of my system, the song is actually rul chill. Black Coast is the solo project of PrinzeGeorge, the duo behind "Victor" alllll the way back in March which I had on fucking repeat. Stan Rapoport brings his effortless chillwave synth sequences over from PrinzeGeorge and M Maggie brings some killer, mystical vocals. Also, fun fact, the two of them wrote the whole song together entirely over phone, text and e-mail before ever meeting in person which is either the least or most hipster thing I've ever heard of... not sure which rly.

Sounds like: the love child of Prinze George (fucking duh), BROODS and Purity Ring (that would be the most type B baby of all time)

Zella Day - Hypnotic

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Call me crzy, but I'm feelin a lottttt of Britney here. The Toxic years ovi. Teeny-bopper Briney would nvr have been down for this shit. OR WOULD SHE? Having once buried myself in extensive Britney research****, I can confidently say... She's not that innocent yall. I mean, Justin definitely hit it. Ugh. I miss Britney. Good thing we have Zella Day to (kind of) comfort us. She's steadily released music over the past 6 months, but this is the first one I've wanted to listen to NOT in remix form. That's a big compliment lady. If RAC got his hands on a Feel of Cotton commercial I would probably buy it. In "Hypnotic" Z.D gives us her best sultry vocals, complete with falsetto chorus. Like I said, the production is pure 2003 B. Spears. At this point, I still don't feel motivation to follow Zella Day's possible ascent to hipster stardom, but this song has made me think about reconsidering that position. Also it's free on Itunes this week!!! Free stuff rules u guys!!

****Seriously go read about Britney's "lost" album. It will make u feel so much emotion. And also have new appreciation for Chris Crocker.

Gwen Stefani - Baby Don't Lie

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Gwen Stefani might be the coolest. Excepting the fact that she named one of her children Zuma. For this I can nvr forgive her. Even still, given that she is surrounded by idiots such as Gaga and Beyonce, she's pretty much the Kate Moss of music. Sucky for us, G. Stefani's DGAF attitude means she hasn't released a song in 7 years. 7 YEARS!! For some reference, 7 yrs ago people cared about Paris Hilton. "Baby Don't Lie" is a pretty dec returning effort. It is by no means a banger. This initially angered me, but upon further reflection, I have realized a dancey club anthem would have been a terrible move. The Zedd partnerships are best left to the youngsters. And (help us) Madonna. Instead, we get a cool islandy jam. It's kind of melancholy and reminds me of Santigold. Basically I LOVE IT. Probably more than the Harajuku clique. Definitely more than Hollaback Girl. Keep doin you lady. Also the music video is sick. 

HONNE - All In The Value

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HONNE has just released their latest single "All In the Value," and while I'm not sure what that phrase means, it sounds pretty fing good. Honestly, it sounds like James Blake's cousin who loves Marvin Gaye. It starts off very minimal and electro, and eventually picks up with some funky guitar. Def music for sexytime. And even though they resemble Charles Manson groupies, they are still capable of seducing literally every person that listens to this. Although, I guess Charles Manson was good at seducing people too.... idk where this is going. Sry. LISTEN TO THIS. Also random post-post fact: I think Honne is also the name of an Asian graphic novel series. When I googled-imaged that shit it looked like my brother's Dragon Ball Z collection. Charles Manson def into that.

Chloe Black - 27 Club

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Dear readers, If you happen to like this song, and care more to know about the artist known as Chloe Black, be forewarned: There is also a porn star named Chloe Black. And let me tell you! CB the adult entertainer is more well known than the hipster girl with one single to date. THERE ARE THINGS I CANNOT UNSEE. Moving on from this casual trauma, I will also tell you that this song is much better than its title would suggest. Obviously, the idea of some teenage betch singing about how she wishes she was dead like Jimi Hendrix is nauseating. It's practically what Lana del Ray built her image off of. And people do not care for her !! Buuutttt, Chloe Black has given us a very catchy soul pop jam. And if you have a hook and good production, you could be singing about a Bath and Body Works sale and people would still love it. How else do you explain the existence of Weird Al. Chloe Black, u win this round.

Calvin Harris - Outside (ft. Ellie Goulding)

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STOP EVERYTHING. AND REJOICE. I know z100 certainly is. Because my favorite people in music have reunited. I mean, I would have posted that pic regardless of if there was a new Elly G / Calvin jam. But now it's not as weird. For if I cannot have Calvin, I will give my blessing to him &Elly. She seems a suitable substitute. Although tragically, Ellie G sings of love lost in this new jam. And I'm going to be honest, while this reunion is a record label's wet dream, for me it is not groundbreaking. There's some interesting string stuff happening in there (Calvin, did u listen to Rather Be?!?!), but let's not kid ourselves, this is I Need Ur love but sadder. I do give props to Calvin Harris for giving no fucks and going straight for the radio $$$. I mean he's probably richer than David Guetta at this point. And I would rather be a rich DJ than a poor one. Seriously, can you think of anything sadder than a struggling DJ? Or really any career that revolves around the Bar Mitzvah industry. So go buy Calvin's album and save him from a Cha Cha Slide infused future.

Marian Hill - Got It

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Dear Banks,    You should run and hide, because this bitch is giving you a serious run for your $$$. I actually heard this and thought it was you. Then I applauded you, and subsequently felt bad for you when I realized some girl with your voice thought of incorporating Indian cobra vibes before you did. Yet, upon further contemplation of your musical doppelganger, I am questioning if there is an Ursula / Ariel type situation going on here. Tell me this Banks, did Marian Hill promise you entry into the land of walking , running , playing all day in the sun, etc ? FOR A PRICE!?! Is she now stealing your indie cred everywhere she goes !? Or maybe it's the other way around.......Ursula was brunette...... Ugh now I've confused myself. We should set up a poll. Either way, listen to this. This music feels like it would be played while u lit fires and cast weird spells on your Hinge date that didn't call you back. In a good way. 

Just A Gent - Limelight (ft. R O Z E S)

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Who knew that one day there would be an EDM musician going for the aesthetic of Charlie Chaplin. I'm not even sure what to say now. Perhaps this is parody? I can get on board with the name I guess. The Charles Dickens garb, while presumably impractical for a rave, is at least modest and would please our grandparents. Really it's the tophat and mustache that are proving too much for me. That person looks like the sick kid from the Princess Bride grew up and was condemned to play an extra in Sweeney Todd. Forever. I guess we should talk about the music. Well, it doesn't sound like it was made by THAT person. It features electronic synths with drop and a slightly baby-ish female vocal, who I can only assume is R O Z E S. I've done enough ridiculing in this post I'm not going to comment on that stage name. If you can't say anything nice...you should prob write for this blog.

Solidisco & Fireflowerz- Unreal (ft. Mina)

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All the blogs are saying "Solidisco is BACK and this time..." but were they ever really here, lyke reeeeally. Cause I've never fucking heard of them. But w/e because "Unreal" is fucking UNREAL. The disco-centric duo teams up with high-energy, Italian DJ, Fireflowerz (srsly? ur DJ name is "fireflowerz"? How girly is that? Like do you even lift, bro?) and the result is a jive-y, horn-heavy track that will have you immediately headed for the dancefloor. And this is the type of song that you feel like a BO$S dancing to even though you're doing you're regular Carleton-inspired dance moves. The build is amazing and the drop is undeniable. Srsly, if this song doesn't have you dancing like it's the last song of the night then your deaf. Which would mean you are (for some INSANE reason) reading this blog just for the writing, SO THANKU! super flattered.

Taylor Swift- Out of the Woods

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Tay Swift's newest single dropped only hours ago so, le duh, it's #1 on iTunes already. Coming off her catchiest song yet, Shake It Off, anything seems disappointing, but Taylor's newest single is still blog-worthy. Off her upcoming album, 1989, this synth-pop track definitely captures the essence of the year, bringing some rul 80's-electronica vibes. The topic is her usual "troubled-relationship" shit and it's (SHOCKER) about an exbf, this time non-other than baby-face, boy-wonder himself, Harry Styles. I wonder if this will start a HUGE feud. Like Taylor fans vs. 1D fans.......... I think we finally figured out what will start WWIII tbh. Say what you want about Tay Swift, but she fucking gets it. She complains about petty problems. THAT'S LIKE MY FAVORITE THING TO DO. And secretly it's yours too, admit it. So keep complaining about white-girl problems, Taylor, because I'll keep bopping along and loving it while simultaneously bashing your personality even though I don't even know you (sry, ur a celeb. and I'm connected to the internet. I get 2 do that).

Access it via HypeMachine 4 now: http://hypem.com/track/275n8

Tove Styrke - Borderline

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I initially thought this was a Madonna cover. To find out it wasn't was actually kind of a pleasant surprise, because no matter how good this (fictional) cover could have been, I would not have been able to banish the image of present day Madonna with her grillz from my mind. Guys, 2014 Madonna could literally be the villain of a horror movie. She would stalk Lady Gaga around the city wearing nothing but assless chaps and her golden grillz. And she would scuttle around like a crab. ARE U SCARED YET. Anyways, Tove Styrke is the latest Tove to come on our radar. Like our fav drunk pop singer Tove Lo, she hails from Sweden. Is Tove the Emily of Sweden? I am baffled. There are some other comparisons to be made here. If you like Lykke Li, you will prob like this. I'm just sayin, Swedish people sound a lot alike when they sing in English. K so let's talk about the song. I honestly don't really know what's happening in "Borderline." Tove S. sings of spitting fire, being blind, and having shackles. The chorus is super fun tho. The inclusion of the word borderline 1000 times actually makes it really rhyme-y and catchy. Santigold wishes she sang this.

Thrupence - Don't You Mind

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Sometimes u need some acid 50s jazz in your lives. I haven't looked this video up on Youtube, because I want to imagine it just plays over clips of the old Alice in Wonderland. One million hippie heads would explode if this were tru. Alas. I am digging this mans shtick though. Basically it just seems like Thrupence put a lot of shit together. Strings, floopy new beats, and the quinessential sample of "deceased and tragically nvr famous Southern blues singer." Or maybe it's a Kanye sample. Idk. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that Thrupence is capitalizing on and maybe even stealing from indie grandfather RJD2. Remember Ghostwriter? Of course you do, it was probably the first song you liked without words!! Same. Well I think that this stuff is almost the same thing. But I guess if there is room for Roar and Brave, there is room for this dude.

FYFE - Holding On

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From this photo, you would think FYFE was made of clay. And from the relatively obscure angle, one could even say that FYFE resembles clay waxwork of Neil Patrick Harris. Just the label he wants I'm sure. In reality, this dude kind of feels like the new Beirut. He sings about Europe! So does Beirut. He is melancholy ! SIB.** Random stage names ! And while I luv Beirut, I might like FYFE a teeeny bit better. His voice is less affected, and the production is less assaulting. Not that I don't appreciate Mr. Elephant Gun's I-LIVED-WITH-GYPSIES-CAN'T-YOU-TELL instrument vibes. But I can only appreciate the accordion for so many songs. "Holding On" is the best thing FYFE has put out since last year's "Solace." It's sad, feels really orchestral, and most importantly is memorable. Indie music doesn't have to be catchy, but there's a reason Clean Bandit ends up on the radio and Warpaint doesn't. Warpaint? ur probably saying to yourself. EXACTLY.

** So is Beirut!!

Years & Years - Desire

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I think Years & Years is rapidly heading toward hipster One Direction territory. Except duh they're better because they wear Loony Toons t-shirts and don't date Taylor Swift. Although I guess there's still time for Swifty to claim them. RUN BOYS!!!! With the release of "Desire," these talented tweens have officially convinced me of their potential to dethrone all current boyband players. The new tune is catchy, filled with islandy vibes, and dancey enough to play at a pregame. However, their youth is making them feel dangerously inappropriate to declare my love for. "But T4L ! " you may be shouting at your comp, "Feminism! If Chris Martin can date JLaw, you should be allowed to luv some tweens without shame" Well, reader, regardless of your retarded views of feminism (that I made up that u had , so sry), if the male in question's voice is higher than mine, it's not kosher. The line has to be drawn somewhere.

AlunaGeorge - Supernatural

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They're baaaaaack. I might as well be referring to the Poltergeist himself, because this song is spooky aF. K I lied it's not, but has music ever made you pee your pants of fright? If it has, you have problems. Or you're listening to fucked up shit like "Dead Baby Hunt" by Barnes & Barnes***, in which case...you also have problems. I digress. Aluna & George dropped this Halloween themed tune last week, and initially I deemed it funkaayy fresh. But now, tbh, I think it's kind of a half assed effort for them. George brought his game for sure. The production sounds like it could be played during a slow-mo fight scene in Charlie's Angels 3. In a good way. Aluna however, dropped the ball. There's nothing wronggg here, but it's just not that catchy. And coming from the people who brought us "Your Drums, Your Love" I expect better. Consider this a T4L scolding. Go 2 ur room Aluna!!

***Look it up. Or don't. Whatever you do, don't ask me how I know about these people. I will say tho that summer camp was often a traumatizing experience.

Brika- Expectations (Artiq Remix)

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Artiq lives the fucking life. He is based in Rotterdam and DJs, meaning he gets high all day and gets paid for basically listening to the awesome music he creates... caN i HaZ YOur LifE PLz?!? (too bad i couldn't even figure out Garageband in 6th grade computer class so DJing is way out of my league). Artiq takes a deep house spin on Brika's Expectations, one of the hottest tracks of the summer (and, ironically, one that T4L didn't think was good enough to write about even though every other blogger drooled over it like drunk ppl over pizza-- or, let's be serious, like ANYONE WITH A SOUL drools over pizza). Brika has that classic "just-by-her-singing-you-can-tell-she's-wayyyyyy-cooler-than-you"  voice that is popping up all over the the indie music map and Artiq, like with his Bound 2 remix, continues to improve some, subjectivitely**, shitty songs.

P.S. Don't ask me what the fuck is up with the album art. I've been SMHing so much over it that I just booked a massage to work out the cricks in my neck.

**I said subjectively for a reason ppl. Don't berate me with emails about how the original Bound 2 or Expectations is the best song of all time b/c i made it clear it's just an opinion. Actually PLZ do email us. T4L gets less mail than a kid at their 8th year of sleepaway camp :(. And who doesn't like getting mail, even virtually, yah know?

Luke Million - Light & Sound

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Ugh that photo. Sry. The only other pics that came up when I googled this man were images of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes really. Maybe he's another illegitimate child. oooo BURNNN. K moving away from The Terminators personal life, this song is good and you should listen. It's bringing serious 70s groovy vibes. I mean I wasn't there but other bloggers said so. And also I saw Almost Famous so like I'm an expert on that decade. Ultimately, if they ever make a light and fluffy rom-com about space travel starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McC **, this song would play as they vacationed to different planets. There would be a shopping montage on Jupiter, and then they would have an amazing dinner on Mercury. I seem crazy but I'm not. LISTEN. Ur welcome Hollywood.

***Oh wait he's too good for this shit now. THE YELLOW KING LIVES. k James Marsden will do .

Eastside - Ellie (Don't X Loyal Cover)

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Indie white people covering rap songs about hos is not a new development. Remember Bastille's cover of What Would You Do? Florence singing Take Care? Ben Folds heartfelt rendition of Bitches Aint Shit? Regardless of the talents of these people, this is mostly hilarious. Exhibit A: "I ain't got a job now / We're just smoking rock now" -- British hipster. Dear Mr. Bastille, If you're smokin "rock" , I'm pretty sure it's ironically. White people suck!!  Even so, these covers usually sound amazing.*** Eastside's take on Chris Brown's "Loyal" is no different. This girl possesses vocal abilities similar to Ellie Goulding, and sings about hos and smokin weed beautifully. It kind of reminds me of Birdy too. I also enjoy the clarity of the lyrics that Chris Brown has previously mumbled. Who knew he delivered poetry such as "I don't fuck with broke bitches / I wanna do drugs / Fuck all the rachets " So now we've established C Breezy will put out if you're ugly and rich. Also PS this is a mashup with an Ed Sheeran song. Smh.

*** Here is a wishlist of rap songs I wish various white people to cover

 1. ABBA - 212
2. James Blake - Tom Ford
3.Paul Simon - Drop It Like It's Hot
 4. Arcade Fire - Mo $$ Mo problems

Actually pretty sure the last one would be terrible. If you have other ideas plz get in touch with me . We can form a committee .