AlunaGeorge - Supernatural

10/13/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

They're baaaaaack. I might as well be referring to the Poltergeist himself, because this song is spooky aF. K I lied it's not, but has music ever made you pee your pants of fright? If it has, you have problems. Or you're listening to fucked up shit like "Dead Baby Hunt" by Barnes & Barnes***, in which also have problems. I digress. Aluna & George dropped this Halloween themed tune last week, and initially I deemed it funkaayy fresh. But now, tbh, I think it's kind of a half assed effort for them. George brought his game for sure. The production sounds like it could be played during a slow-mo fight scene in Charlie's Angels 3. In a good way. Aluna however, dropped the ball. There's nothing wronggg here, but it's just not that catchy. And coming from the people who brought us "Your Drums, Your Love" I expect better. Consider this a T4L scolding. Go 2 ur room Aluna!!

***Look it up. Or don't. Whatever you do, don't ask me how I know about these people. I will say tho that summer camp was often a traumatizing experience.