Brika- Expectations (Artiq Remix)

10/10/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Artiq lives the fucking life. He is based in Rotterdam and DJs, meaning he gets high all day and gets paid for basically listening to the awesome music he creates... caN i HaZ YOur LifE PLz?!? (too bad i couldn't even figure out Garageband in 6th grade computer class so DJing is way out of my league). Artiq takes a deep house spin on Brika's Expectations, one of the hottest tracks of the summer (and, ironically, one that T4L didn't think was good enough to write about even though every other blogger drooled over it like drunk ppl over pizza-- or, let's be serious, like ANYONE WITH A SOUL drools over pizza). Brika has that classic "just-by-her-singing-you-can-tell-she's-wayyyyyy-cooler-than-you"  voice that is popping up all over the the indie music map and Artiq, like with his Bound 2 remix, continues to improve some, subjectivitely**, shitty songs.

P.S. Don't ask me what the fuck is up with the album art. I've been SMHing so much over it that I just booked a massage to work out the cricks in my neck.

**I said subjectively for a reason ppl. Don't berate me with emails about how the original Bound 2 or Expectations is the best song of all time b/c i made it clear it's just an opinion. Actually PLZ do email us. T4L gets less mail than a kid at their 8th year of sleepaway camp :(. And who doesn't like getting mail, even virtually, yah know?