BUNT- Harmonica

10/31/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

BUNT is back after his aaaaamazing "Journey" and he's dipped into the genre so many DJs are digging this fall which I can only refer to as deep house on the prarie. Started by Avicii in 2k13, deep house on the prarie is basically any country sounding song that someone has commented on saying "can't wait to hear this at the club". Even though this song has some serious instrumental-ADD (literally it switches from western guitar to harmonica to saxophone to xylophone in under a minute flat), it all works to create a track to show to your country-loving friends whole usually hate all the music you monopolize parties with. BUNT is a German-duo which makes sense considering the first thign I thought when I heard this song is that Europeans will fucking LOVE this shit. Idk what is it about songs with saxophone or remixed country but our friends across the pond absolutely dig that ish (trust me, I've been in too many -1 star clubs in Europe to know). They would totally play this on repeat at one of their American-themed parties they have (even though this ISNT an American song. foreigners lol).

Also, the cover art is weirdly Halloween-y AND it's a **FREE DOWNLOAD** on SOundCLoud so HepPy HaLLowEeN y'aLL!!