Calvin Harris - Outside (ft. Ellie Goulding)

10/20/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

STOP EVERYTHING. AND REJOICE. I know z100 certainly is. Because my favorite people in music have reunited. I mean, I would have posted that pic regardless of if there was a new Elly G / Calvin jam. But now it's not as weird. For if I cannot have Calvin, I will give my blessing to him &Elly. She seems a suitable substitute. Although tragically, Ellie G sings of love lost in this new jam. And I'm going to be honest, while this reunion is a record label's wet dream, for me it is not groundbreaking. There's some interesting string stuff happening in there (Calvin, did u listen to Rather Be?!?!), but let's not kid ourselves, this is I Need Ur love but sadder. I do give props to Calvin Harris for giving no fucks and going straight for the radio $$$. I mean he's probably richer than David Guetta at this point. And I would rather be a rich DJ than a poor one. Seriously, can you think of anything sadder than a struggling DJ? Or really any career that revolves around the Bar Mitzvah industry. So go buy Calvin's album and save him from a Cha Cha Slide infused future.