Calvin Harris- Pray to God (ft. HAIM) and Open Wide (ft. Big Sean)

10/30/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

EVERYBODY and their mother knows that Calvin Harris' album, Motion, drops on November 4th (oh rly? ur mom doesn't know that. hm, lame). Personally, here at tunes4loons, we LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN with excitement (sry, but that phrase is ssssso hot right now. Hopefully someone will google search it and end up here #socialmedia). Calvin's been dropping presents for his fans in the form of singles over the course of this week making it seem like a less-religious Hanukhah (<-- u don't even wanna know how I originally spelled that #collegegrad #ithappens).

In the beginning of the week, Calvin showed off his collab-picking skills when he dropped "Pray to God" feat three of the hottest siblings since Hanson, HAIM. This collaboration makes me think that Calvin Harris actually is cool. I was unsure cause he dated Rita Ora (who even r u? B4 black widow u were the Kate Beckinsale of the music industry**). Sure with the electric licks and faint strings the song sounds 90% HAIM, 10% Calvin, but its still got the infectious backbeat of a Calvin classic. Also this gives me hope that HAIM wasn't a 1 trick pony with their album (see Azealia Banks. Yeah, she's a #tbt now. sad.)

**Srsly,why do the both of them get invited to EVERY award show/ movie premiere/ kardashian birthday party out there?! Name three things either Rita Ora or Kate Beckinsale have done. I betchu can't.

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The second track is NSFW (have NO idea what that means but I know if it's applicable anywhere it is for this song). "Open Wide" (ew) houses the amazingness that is Calvin-styled synth and sports some western/ middle eastern guitar that soooo many DJs are loving this fall (and, ummmm, it probably should be harder to distinguish whether the guitar is a suitar being played by a sheik or a banjo being played by Chuck Norris. Just a suggestion). This song also houses maybe the most unsubtle sexual innuendos of all time (besides "Get Down On Your Knees" which is the RAUNCHIEST track I've heard to date). Although props to Big Sean for throwing the word "trousers" into a rap song amongst all the obscenity-- definitely first time I've heard a dude under 70 us that.  

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