cassian - Running (ft. Cleopold)

10/31/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

If you like the song When It's Alright by Sam Smith and Juun, you would like this. It's a little bit worse and more low key, but come on WHY DO U HAVE SUCH HIGH STANDARDS. It involves a slow burning house beat, some male falsetto vocals, and a tropical islandy vibe. I think it's really straddling the line between what's acceptable for upbeat party music and what's not. Is it the long lost brother of Calvin Harris? No, but neither is James Blake and we like him still. Perhaps a good post party jam. Now I would like to comment on the presence of Cleopold. We blogged him earlier this year on the Miami Horror song (which I forgot about so clearly it wasn't that good), but I think this is a much better fit for him! Or my music taste is slowly becoming all about haushaushaus. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.