Chloe Black - 27 Club

10/22/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Dear readers, If you happen to like this song, and care more to know about the artist known as Chloe Black, be forewarned: There is also a porn star named Chloe Black. And let me tell you! CB the adult entertainer is more well known than the hipster girl with one single to date. THERE ARE THINGS I CANNOT UNSEE. Moving on from this casual trauma, I will also tell you that this song is much better than its title would suggest. Obviously, the idea of some teenage betch singing about how she wishes she was dead like Jimi Hendrix is nauseating. It's practically what Lana del Ray built her image off of. And people do not care for her !! Buuutttt, Chloe Black has given us a very catchy soul pop jam. And if you have a hook and good production, you could be singing about a Bath and Body Works sale and people would still love it. How else do you explain the existence of Weird Al. Chloe Black, u win this round.