FYFE - Holding On

10/13/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

From this photo, you would think FYFE was made of clay. And from the relatively obscure angle, one could even say that FYFE resembles clay waxwork of Neil Patrick Harris. Just the label he wants I'm sure. In reality, this dude kind of feels like the new Beirut. He sings about Europe! So does Beirut. He is melancholy ! SIB.** Random stage names ! And while I luv Beirut, I might like FYFE a teeeny bit better. His voice is less affected, and the production is less assaulting. Not that I don't appreciate Mr. Elephant Gun's I-LIVED-WITH-GYPSIES-CAN'T-YOU-TELL instrument vibes. But I can only appreciate the accordion for so many songs. "Holding On" is the best thing FYFE has put out since last year's "Solace." It's sad, feels really orchestral, and most importantly is memorable. Indie music doesn't have to be catchy, but there's a reason Clean Bandit ends up on the radio and Warpaint doesn't. Warpaint? ur probably saying to yourself. EXACTLY.

** So is Beirut!!