Gwen Stefani - Baby Don't Lie

10/27/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Gwen Stefani might be the coolest. Excepting the fact that she named one of her children Zuma. For this I can nvr forgive her. Even still, given that she is surrounded by idiots such as Gaga and Beyonce, she's pretty much the Kate Moss of music. Sucky for us, G. Stefani's DGAF attitude means she hasn't released a song in 7 years. 7 YEARS!! For some reference, 7 yrs ago people cared about Paris Hilton. "Baby Don't Lie" is a pretty dec returning effort. It is by no means a banger. This initially angered me, but upon further reflection, I have realized a dancey club anthem would have been a terrible move. The Zedd partnerships are best left to the youngsters. And (help us) Madonna. Instead, we get a cool islandy jam. It's kind of melancholy and reminds me of Santigold. Basically I LOVE IT. Probably more than the Harajuku clique. Definitely more than Hollaback Girl. Keep doin you lady. Also the music video is sick.