HONNE - All In The Value

10/22/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

HONNE has just released their latest single "All In the Value," and while I'm not sure what that phrase means, it sounds pretty fing good. Honestly, it sounds like James Blake's cousin who loves Marvin Gaye. It starts off very minimal and electro, and eventually picks up with some funky guitar. Def music for sexytime. And even though they resemble Charles Manson groupies, they are still capable of seducing literally every person that listens to this. Although, I guess Charles Manson was good at seducing people too.... idk where this is going. Sry. LISTEN TO THIS. Also random post-post fact: I think Honne is also the name of an Asian graphic novel series. When I googled-imaged that shit it looked like my brother's Dragon Ball Z collection. Charles Manson def into that.