Iggy Azalea- Beg for It (ft. Mø)

10/31/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Good tune. Too bad it will only ever reside in the hall of fame that is botched SNL performances (at least you get to hang with Ashlee Simpson, riiiight, Mø?). At least you (or by your handwriting, a slow 8-year-old) apologized via the only method that matters: social media, fucking duh. But actually, fucked up SNL performance or not, the verses are classic Iggy and the poppy-yet-eerie chorus is classic Mø so it's a pretty dope track overall (THeSE bEATs aRE dOPE). white girl from the outback (Sure she spelled her name yet AGAIN (we get it. ur name is spelled I-G-G-Y. Even that slow 8-year-old who wrote Mø's apology letter can spell that ish).