Luke Million - Light & Sound

10/04/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Ugh that photo. Sry. The only other pics that came up when I googled this man were images of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes really. Maybe he's another illegitimate child. oooo BURNNN. K moving away from The Terminators personal life, this song is good and you should listen. It's bringing serious 70s groovy vibes. I mean I wasn't there but other bloggers said so. And also I saw Almost Famous so like I'm an expert on that decade. Ultimately, if they ever make a light and fluffy rom-com about space travel starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McC **, this song would play as they vacationed to different planets. There would be a shopping montage on Jupiter, and then they would have an amazing dinner on Mercury. I seem crazy but I'm not. LISTEN. Ur welcome Hollywood.

***Oh wait he's too good for this shit now. THE YELLOW KING LIVES. k James Marsden will do .