Shaggy- It Wasn't Me (DnT Flip)

10/29/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

There literally could be a better way to start off a bleak Wednesday morning than with fucking Shaggy (**MUST stress I am using fucking as an adj here not a verb... a necessary clarification). The first :30 seconds suck, but then again, it's like required for the first :30 seconds of any remix to be TERRIBLE. Why is that? srsly, did all DJs get 2gether and think "well start off with remix immediately because we want people to recognize the song right away! no, no, save it. Throw in some crappy generic synth for :30 seconds, then pepper in the fact that it is amazing remix". Actually DJs of the world, get your shit (and the intros of your tracks) together-- AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. We have Orlando Duo Deven & Tommie (get it DnT? ugh, I prayed for a simple DJ name and the music godz answered my prays) to thank for this amazing twist to 8-year-old-me's fucking JAM (but also, what parents let their kid's favorite album when they're 8 be Shaggy's "Hot Shot". thx 'rents). The infectious-Shaggy rhythm is still present, but DnT have layered some amazing dance-synth and marching-band drum drops, which are my absolute favorite types of drops (yeah, I'm a weak EDM fan, I know). The only lull in the song is the RikRok rapping verse but, like, stop having such impossibly high expectations and enjoy this gr00vy throwback tune for the gem it is.